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Formerly a religionist and now an open-minded rationalist (since 2012), I felt compelled to put fingers to keyboard and contribute some thoughts on the freedom of expression.

Religionists (like my former self) have always cherry-picked the beliefs they’re comfortable with. Sadly, however, homophobia isn’t on their things-to-ignore list. This ancient Biblical hateism has even influenced barelyreligious people, especially the youngsters, convincing them that non-heterosexuality is something backward and disgusting.

 Sexual orientation is personal and certainly not the business of others. Also, I no longer believe love is an illusion and lust is a sin, but that they are the most powerful human emotions. Good things can be suppressed for a while, but will always reemerge, like a ball in water.

 Lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, and transgender people should be shamelessly proud of their sexuality and not allow narrow-minded bullies to make them feel ashamed. Like Bruce Lee once said, “express oneself honestly,” a message I feel should resonate in everybody’s heart. So, regardless of what you seek in life, dare to be your true self and never conform to someone else’s way of life if it’s not for you.

– Harjit Singh Sagoo

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