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Book review of Autumn Fire

Prairie summer 2013 was not the hot sunny bliss we dreamed about. Luckily, those who still need a bit of inner heat to survive the coming winter can turn towards the recently released erotic novel Autumn Fire by Cameron D. James.

Set on a university campus in Toronto (one of the only credible settings for the plethora of hot, horny and available men that fill the pages of Autumn Fire, the story wastes no time setting up the closeted hero of the story, Dustin, with numerous tricks and hookups.

The plotline thickens when Dustin falls in love with a blonde jock who was supposed to be a simple hookup during a linear algebra study break. He is forced to deal with both linear algebra and these new feelings; turns out you can’t just lust love away.

James nobly crafts an erotic story that bases self-affirmation on the strength of love and letting oneself be loved. The elements will speak to the targeted gay male audience, particularly those who spent a lot of time in university gym showers, libraries and dorm rooms.

However, James fails to spend any valuable time describing those undeniable moments where the heroes awaken to love.

Pre-established formulas of erotica, where precum and muscle men are found on every page, allow for a hot autumn, but foreshadow a cold winter.

– Eric Plamondon is a Winnipeg-based freelance writer.

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