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My name is Aimee and I’m from Winnipeg and I’m a self-identified queer trans woman. Let me say, as someone who is a part of the trans community, that I really appreciate all of the transgender related content in the July/ August issue. Good job. It’s really very nice and refreshing to see so much exposure; lately transgender issues have been getting in the magazine, especially in that issue. (For simplicity, when I say queer I’m referring to queer sexuality meaning lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and all other non-straight sexualities).

Previously, I felt that trans issues were somewhat neglected in OutWords. Granted, there are far more queer cis folks or allies than trans-identified folk so I understand the whole idea that the magazine has to appeal to the majority of its audience. I feel this “popular appeal” is commonplace in many other aspects of the queer community, which is problematic for me, but also understandable. I mean, we all are products of our environments.

For example, I feel it can be a pretty safe generalization that most trans folks are seen and feel like they are viewed as the fringe of the fringe within the queer community and many other communities as well. I feel this is for a variety of reasons, one major reason being is a lack of education and the media, including OutWords, plays a huge role in that, so it’s good to see you are getting things out there.

One can hope this will lead to at least important dialogues that need to happen within both queer and non-queer communities.

– Aimee C. November

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