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A wicked photo essay on the art of transformation

“Drag isn’t really a choice I consciously made. To me it’s the personification of my feminine side. It’s an artistic expression.”

“My life wasn’t always happy, and like my tattoos read: everyone’s life starts “once upon a time.” You live your life and write your own story, and somehow we will all reach your “happily ever after.”

And if your life situation isn’t making you happy, it’s not your ‘ever after.’”

 “My story has been tumultuous. I was bullied as a child, my parents split up when I was six, and I never felt like I fit in. High school was extremely helpful for me as I learned to love myself and surround myself with good people. Luckily I have a fantastic support group, and my biggest supporter is my mom. She’s always been there for me.”


Photographer: Elizabeth D’Alessio. Model: Kerry Dale/Satina Loren. Venue: Opera Ultralounge

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