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Suicide Girls come to Canada on a burlesque tour 

International burlesque sensation Suicide Girls is going on a cross- Canada tour, and viewers are in for a funny and sexy treat.

Suicide Girls co-founder Missy Suicide said they have many great photographers in Canada and hope to expand the community here. Sending the Blackheart Burlesque show across the country might help them do that.

Last year the soft-core porn site sent models on a signing tour after releasing a coffee table book. “Five hundred to 750 people showed up at shops to get books signed,” said Suicide. That’s when they realized it might be time to send women out to do something more. “We know people want a new show.”

In the early 2000s the Suicide Girls burlesque tour traveled the world. “We took a break because it was quite labour-intensive,” said Suicide, and the show was pushed aside for other projects. 

Suicide promised the upcoming Blackheart Burlesque to be a show full of pop culture references and humour. “One of my favourites is Planet of the Apes,” said Suicide. “It’s sexy Planet of the Apes.” They’ve announced that The Big Lebowski, Kill Bill and Dr. Who will be referenced in the show, but are keeping some parts a surprise.

It wasn’t decided until last minute which dancers would join the Canada tour, but even before then Suicide said it is likely at least some of the women performing in Winnipeg will be GLBTQ*. “A good portion of the dancers are a part of the community.”

Suicide promises “a sexy, fun, silly, amazing show.” She thinks couples, single people and even grandmothers will enjoy what they’re bringing to stage at The Park Theatre on April 7. Tickets are available for $25-$75 through http://blackheartburlesque.com.


– Meg Crane is the news, books and movies editor for OutWords magazine, and creator of Cockroach zine.

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