Stay hot through the holidays by stripping down. It’s a sexy season filled with get- togethers, wine, fireplaces and good food so let your senses run wild. There’s no better way to escape the cold weather than to heat things up in the bedroom. Whether you’re alone or with others, OutWords shows you how to look your best in barely anything at all.



Jock Strap from andrewchristian.com. White dress shirt from Le Château. Lingerie from adoreme.com. Rose blouse from Urban Planet.



Black graphic underwear from H&M. Black tie from Le Château.



Lingerie from adoreme.com. Both Calvin Klein briefs from Hudson’s Bay.



Hat from Urban Planet. Baby doll dress from H&M. Blue Calvin Klein boxer briefs from Hudson’s Bay.

–Created by Dylan Bekkering, Desiree Tessier, Colin Roy, Karla Tuckett & Matt Brown 

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