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214-27-winnipegs-erotic-bingoSmegma, thunder cunt, and chili cheese dog are all synonymous with the word “bingo”— that is, ahem, erotic bingo.

Winnipeg hosts three weekly erotic bingo nights. The first is on Thursdays at the Limelight Tavern starting at 7:30 p.m. The second night is Fridays at the Headingley Hotel at 9 p.m. and the third happens Saturdays at the St. Norbert Hotel at 8 p.m.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give for visiting any of these places, it’s this: do not yell out bingo! If you do, beware the wrath of having to perform a simulated sex act, a pole dance, your best orgasm or most sensual lap dance.

When I visited the Limelight Tavern, the regular host was away. Still, that didn’t stop the crowd of mostly regulars from yelling out phrases that pertain to certain numbers, i.e. “B-5 Muff dive!” Or my personal favourite, “G-54 Fuck me more!”

Prizes included a tripod vibrator and nipple clamps. The grand prize was female lingerie with nipple tassels. I won nothing.

Over at the Headingley Hotel, we played three rounds of bingo and the final prize was a teddy (a full bodysuit), which was quite sexy.

For every prize given out, people also received crotchless panties, which for the life of me I can’t understand. Going commando would be way more comfortable, but anyway…

If two people ended up winning, you had to face off on the stripper pole, although unfortunately, no two people ever won at the same time.

There were drink specials that came with penis straws or thongs, so we didn’t go home empty handed.

After visits to the Limelight Tavern and Headingley Hotel, I was yet to see two customers duke it out for an erotic bingo prize. My luck turned around at the St. Norbert Hotel.

Two ladies showed off their most orgasmic screams, which in a room full of people is totally not intimidating. Fortunately, sexy shooters are on special for $3 on Saturdays, so load up on those babies and any trepidation you might have will soon disappear.

In the end, Limelight Tavern was definitely my favourite erotic bingo experience. It had the best prizes and the most entertaining regulars—think elderly women screaming out “O-74 Dirty Whore!”

–Rebecca Henderson is a Creative Communications graduate and fulltime writer for Fine Lifestyles Magazine. She enjoys cycling, red wine and collecting original art.

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