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Romeo + Juliet a beautiful performance

Have you ever seen a ballerina in a beautiful, light pink, flowy dress throw down and slap another? Two male ballerinas in elegant costumes battle with four blades?

If not, then you haven’t seen Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s Romeo + Juliet.

As the Capulets and Montagues fought with swords, one audience member gasped so loud he was heard throughout the theatre.

The music was so beautiful and perfectly timed to the performers’ movements it was hardly noticed, but added the necessary tension and edge to certain scenes.

The best performance was by Vanessa Lawson, Juliet’s nurse. Her movements show sympathy, protectiveness and painful sorrow. When Juliet leaps onto her lap, Lawson wraps her arms around her in a comical embrace that had the audience chuckling.

Amanda Green’s performance as Juliet was fantastic as well. Her youth was clearly apparent in the way she looked to parental figures for approval. When she meets Romeo, it’s almost like there is a string attached to her drawing her towards him. The love she feels for him is almost tangible.

Juliet stood out among the other young women on stage, but Romeo’s costume blended in with his friends a little too much. It was confusing at times which character he was.

Brushing up on the story might help avoid this confusion and help audience members follow along better, like with most ballets.

Besides Romeo and Juliet, other couples were showing their love on stage, making it the perfect place to take a lover this Valentine’s Day.

Romeo + Juliet is playing at the Centennial Concert Hall from February 12-16. For more information, visit http://www.rwb.org/romeojuliet.

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