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If you’re up for a few laughs, a heart wrenching fairytale and some education, the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival’s Ludwig&Lohengrin is for you.

Performed by Kyall Rokoz, it was difficult at first to adjust to the sudden and frequent scene/character changes, but as the tale went on this distraction was lost in the storytelling.

The story of the Bavarian king was told by speaking directly to the audience as various characters, through conversation, through silhouetted puppets and with actor Kyall Rakoz’s creative use of a bed sheet and flashlight.

It kept the show interesting, as if the facts of Lohengrin’s life and Rakoz’s energy weren’t enough.

WARNING: This show will get you interested in history. It will have you rushing home to research Lohengrin and weighing in on the debates. Was he insane? Was he gay? Was he irresponsible?

This show was declared the best solo performance of 2014 at the Calgary Critic’s Awards, and it’s easy to see why.

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