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Buddy Wakefield made his way up from Texas to share his spoken word poetry at his first ever Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival experience. And boy, are we glad he did.

From intense eye contact to commentary on the setting, Wakefield’s energy and presence on stage drew in the audience.

In a perfect moment that could not have been planned, Wakefield asked if it really was thundering every time he said the word “God.” And then it thundered again.

There were times Wakefield had the audience erupting in surprised laughter, and other times everyone was quiet, thinking about the deep and thought provoking issues of God, love, forgiveness and life.

This is a must-see show, especially for the GLBT*-community.

Wakefield wanted to make sure homophobes know that they’re welcome as well, though. He promised not to make them feel uncomfortable while seductively rubbing his hand up and down the mic…

Check out a clip of him performing on YouTube.

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