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This Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival show offers a good laugh at the expense of North American society.

The first several minutes start out with actor Peter Aterman sitting on stage, dozing off, while audio of a pilot speaking to his passengers pulses through the theatre. The lack of visuals doesn’t have the audience nodding off with him; rather, they were erupting with laughter.

That was pretty much the entire performance. While Aterman’s energy and activity on stage provided some entertainment, it was his witty lines that carried the show.

With short pieces, ranging from an argument that Jughead is gay to an imagination of American tourists at the Vatican, some scenes require a bit of historical knowledge that may be lost on younger generations.

While not every skit is for everyone, all that really needs to be said about this one-person sketch is that Alterman managed to make castration and sacrifice hilarious. Pretty impressive.

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