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When it comes to hetero sex, there is always either desire for pregnancy or to avoid it. When you look at it from the perspectives of the sperm and egg, it’s a similar story.

Jeff Leard, dressed in tight white clothing, plays a number of sperm, eggs and even a robot in his one-person Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival show, Sperm Wars.

While the roles seemed a little too gendered and it’s lacking GLBT* characters, he did a great job of keeping characters differentiated enough that the audience didn’t get lost.

The audience did almost trip him up though. In a couple moments, non-participation aspects of the piece were mistaken for interactive. Leard kept right on going, throwing in a few witty lines of response without getting out of character or losing the scene.

Funny, and informative, Sperm Wars was good for a few chuckles.

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