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211-4-outwords-is-hiringWe want you to be involved with OutWords more than you have ever been before. As the new senior editors, we’re making this a priority.

As online editor and community outreach co-ordinator, you’re going to see Meg Crane holding events, asking for feedback and increasing the digital presence of OutWords. With the launch of our new website, we’re aiming to cover timely news stories, run a blog and do multimedia stories. The website will complement the magazine, which will have more feature stories, visual elements and, with your help, stories you want to read.

We’re always looking for story ideas and tips, contributors, interview subjects and feedback. Please email Meg Crane at online.editor@outwords.ca or Danelle Cloutier at editor@outwords.ca if there’s something you want to tell us—good or bad.

OutWords wouldn’t be where it is now without former senior editor Ksenia Prints and former chair Debbie Scarborough. Their vision and dedication to the magazine ensured it remained successful in serving our community. We want to wish them luck on their new ventures.

With the launch of our new website, it’s fitting that this issue’s theme is media and technology. As Travis Myers shows you on page 22, selfies actually date back to the 1800s and have become a trend that defines a generation. On page 8, Larkin Shmiedl will take you through the history of Canadian GLBT* publications. On page 29 we caught up with guitar goddess Kaki King who recently figured out how to make her guitar into a projection screen. On page 28, Miles McEnery takes you back to the ‘70s and ‘80s when disco was on the rise in the GLBT* community and ultimately led to electronic music as we know it. All of these stories show that media and technology have a huge (and permanent) influence on our world. So won’t you help OutWords carve its permanent place here?

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