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Whisky has built up a strong reputation. When I think of whisky, I think of my grandpa having his daily 5:00 p.m. “libation”—Crown Royal on the rocks, sitting in his La-Z Boy watching sports before being called for dinner. Recently, it’s been catching on in popularity with bars dedicated solely to the drink. Winnipeg’s own Toad in the Hole opened a whisky bar, snubbing anyone less than 25 years from entering.

The way whisky is treated, it can be an intimidating drink. Many people don’t even try it, or do and immediately turn up their nose at the strong taste. But whisky has a fun side too. Try these recipes and you can join the whisky-drinking-club. And if you start adding a little more whisky to each drink, eventually you can enjoy yours straight, just like my grandpa did.

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211-26-lemon whiskyLemon Whisky

Whisky and lemonade go together like chocolate and milk. Whip up a batch of lemonade however you like, but the best way is homemade. Just squeeze a couple lemons over a glass, mix in some sugar and pour it into a cup over a shot of whisky.

211-26-whisky and sageWhisky and Sage

Rub two or three sage leaves between your hands to release the flavours then put them into a glass. Pour a shot of whisky into a glass over top of the leaves then add water and a splash of lemon.

211-26-whisky ice teaWhisky Iced Tea

Same deal as the lemonade—make iced tea how you like it, but homemade is the best way to go. Make a pot of black tea with sweetener such as sugar or agave nectar. Once it’s cooled, put in some ice, then pour it into a glass with a shot of whisky.

211-26-cranberry whiskyCranberry Whisky

Cranberry mors and whisky make a surprisingly wicked pair. Immigrantstable. com has a great recipe for spiced cranberry mors. Make a batch then pour some into a glass over a shot of whisky.

– Meg Crane is thesenior online editor of OutWords and editor-in-chief of Cockroach zine.


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