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First Nations zine brings sexual health and identity issues to Winnipeg

The publication kimiwan ‘zine, a mini magazine for First Nations, Métis and Inuit people around the world, is coming to Winnipeg.

The zine is a collection of submissions of writing and art. “Most of the submissions that we receive are on the topics of identity, decolonization, healing and family,” said managing editor Melody Wood, although she notes they encourage people to submit anything of personal importance. “It most definitely is uncensored space, but while we destroy negative stereotypes we must also – at the very least – assist in, partner with, contribute and build relationships for indigenous community, positive indigenous identity, and the list goes on.” So far there hasn’t been much content submitted by Winnipeggers, which is partly why they’re coming to Union Sound Hall on March 22.

The release party for the indigenous publication’s sexual health and identity issue will feature Big Freedia, Namowan, Clash `N Cooks and Queerview.

This is a pretty big deal for kimiwan ‘zine, which has only been around since December 2012. Founder Joi Arcand had been involved in creating RAIN zine with Radical Art in Nature when she lived in Vancouver. After moving, she decided to create a similar publication with her cousin, Mika Lafond. kimiwan, which means rain in Plains Cree language, was meant to be a tribute to her time in B.C. and working with RAIN zine.

Arcand said the project became a collective this past summer when Wood, Jarita Greyeyes, Leah Arcand and Darryl Chamakese joined her. “We are a collective and as such, there are no bosses, we are creating leadership within the collective by working within our natural roles,” said Wood.

They all still have day jobs, but have managed to throw zine launch events in Saskatoon, Vancouver and now, Winnipeg.

Grab tickets for kimiwan ‘zine’s Winnipeg event from Music Trader, The Urban Bakery (TUB) or You can order copies of the zine from


– Meg Crane is a writer and editor for OutWords magazine.

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