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210-may_june-25-a-colorful-perspectiveJoe Sinness is a gay artist coming up from Minnesota during the first week of June. His art is a great lesson in metamorphosis art with a homoerotic twist. These still life drawings are melancholic tributes to queer performance, meant to create a commodity of portraits, behaviors, and objects.

Joe Sinness is interested in how objects and people who pursue fame become consumable products. “My work centers on narratives of desire created by fetishizing my subjects.”

The works take on shrine-like features when severed from their famous subjects. A photorealistic drawing style is used to convey the artist’s adoration and desire of the subjects to the viewers.

The show should be a great way to enjoy some of what our great city has to offer. And like so many other great things going on this summer… it’s free!

June 6 – July 11 Artist’s talk June 7
aceartinc. 2-290 McDermot Ave
Tuesday – Saturday. 12-5pm


 Quick Pick

210-may_june-25-quick-pickGBF – So it’s getting late and you have been searching the endless crap that can sometimes be on Canadian Netflix for hours. If you find yourself in a crunch and need quick entertainment, GBf is the ‘Gay Best friend’ you need in this situation. Maybe I’m biased because of my graphic design background, but I’m a sucker for great opening graphic art, and the credits are a beautiful introduction to a light-hearted, fun movie.

The movie showcases some excellent costume design and smart witty conversations. GBF is pretty much mean girls gone gay… made gayer. The filmmakers are obviously fans of the movie and honour it well.

It’s funny, full of great actors, cute boys and heartfelt moments, what more could you ask for from Canadian Netflix? Enjoy!

– Dylan Bekkering is the creative director at OutWords Magazine.

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