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Ksenia PrintsPride Festival is no more about joy in being oneself than it is about proclaiming our hopes and dreams to the world. The man wearing the fishnet stockings and the 9-inch heels is expressing more than just his fun personality; he’s also proclaiming his desire to be understood for who he is inside, and to live in a world where such a duality is possible – and even fun. The spiky-haired teenagers shyly holding hands, as well as the attractive couple kissing provocatively on a float are making their love known, but they are also making a silent wish that it will last. And the straight allies marching along the street amidst the processions are expressing their open- mindedness and support, but they are also broadcasting their hope for reform, acceptance, and human rights. There are many dreams intertwined in the streets of North America’s major cities during the Pride March, and many more still are left unspoken.

Amidst the pages of this issue, we have done our best to give voice to some of these aspirations. We discuss the plight of transgender inmates, and the hope that our prison system will learn to accept and accommodate their identity. In ‘Leading the Rainbow Stage‘, we talk to Ray Hogg, who hopes that under his artistic direction, gay audiences will swarm the Rainbow Stage theatre. The, we spend a day with Ryan Vetter, one of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s promising young dancers and witness his desire for success. Pride Festival performer Ro Walker’s quiet determination and dreams of musical stardom are also painstakingly clear in Sacrificing for the Music, and we are left rooting for this talented and humble newcomer.

As journalists, every story we tell deals with desires. Whether they are people’s desires for justice and retribution in a grisly crime story, or an artist’s hope to draw people to their show, the basic human emotion of “wanting” is the driving force behind all of our actions, our misdemeanors, our heroic acts. But there is so much more to explore in the simple desire for acceptance. The hopes and dreams of our community are detailed in vivid pictures and clear words in this Pride issue, and we hope that you will find them as fascinating as we do.

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