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My family has never been one for family gatherings. My father’s family yes, but my parents specifically, not at all. I think we spent most of my childhood trying to figure out how to avoid going to the family gatherings rather than actually going.

Thanksgiving is no exception. Today D and I are on our own. My mom chose to want to go out for lunch, which was several hours ago and we were pointedly not invited. Welcome to my family.

Seeing as it’s a beautiful day, D and I did our house cleaning (it was bloody scary after having five preschool kids in here), and went outside, went to the store for a treat… now I’m hoping he goes to sleep, but somehow really doubt it considering he’s trying to sing the Littlest Hobo theme song. I have no idea why he’s decided that’s his new favorite song, but I’m pretty sure we’ve listened to it enough times I could sing it… But anyways, it’s just D and I on this Thanksgiving.

It’s been like this the last couple of Christmases as well. Mom would say that she was making dinner and then it wouldn’t happen, or I’d offer and she’d say don’t bother, and again it would be D and I alone. Sure we’d have Christmas morning with them and my brother (I live in my parent’s yard, so we aren’t far) and open presents, etc… but when it comes to actually a sit down dinner with the family, last year D and I had pizza on our own.

This used to drive me crazy and in some ways still does. I would like D to actually know what a family is like. Okay, I should rephrase that—I would like D to know what it means to have family traditions like I used to have.

I feel like he’s missing out on these holidays. He’s never really had a birthday party—not that we could do much of one because crowds are a major issue for him, but all the same, he’s never really had a true birthday party. I tried last year and was told by my family that there was no point, he wouldn’t remember it anyways. I still think he would have. So again, it was just me and D.

I shouldn’t complain, it’s not that I come from a terrible family. I’m very lucky actually, they have been, and continue to be, a tremendous help. I just wish that D would have more of a family, I suppose. I would like him to know what it means to have his birthday celebrated, to be at a Christmas or a Thanksgiving dinner that is more than just us two. I feel really blessed that I have such an awesome little boy and we are totally inseperable, but it would be so good for him to have the others that he loves around too. He deserves to know what a holiday is, even when he doesn’t understand what a holiday is.

But for today, it’s another holiday that he and I will share. It may even be pizza for supper again, or soup. He likes soup. And instead of being upset that it’s just us, we are going to celebrate that we are safe, warm and in a clean house. We might even watch the Wiggles again.

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