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213-29-to-love-them-is-to-voyage-1GayDestinationWeddings.com, a GLBT*-focused travel company, recently launched its first online magazine titled Voyage. The publication aims to inspire romance travels or destination weddings for gay couples. Currently there are 16 countries that recognize same-sex marriage and several sub-jurisdictions in places like Mexico and the United States. The spread of these legal realities means destination weddings are a viable option for gay couples. Thanks to Voyage, daydreaming romantics and engaged couples can turn their gazes to Brazil, France, Island, Spain, South Africa or New Zealand.

With barely any ads, the magazine is literally filled with inspirational ideas and people.

213-29-to-love-them-is-to-voyage-2The fact the magazine lives online makes it easily accessible. Readers can flip through the pages and be inspired by diverse couples who have embraced their love for one another and have decided to spend a bit of their pink dollars showing it off. Creators assure us that these are “real weddings” and that the goal is to get our “creative gears turning.” With barely any ads, the magazine is literally filled with inspirational ideas and people. But yes, we are aware that the magazine in and of itself is a giant ad for GayDestinationWeddings.com and the services they offer.

The first wedding to discover is that of Or and Yossi, who combine traditional Jewish culture with modern chic style in the very exotic Bora Bora (French Polynesia). This picture story is followed by Amanda and Jackie who adopted the fairy-tale wedding approach in Cancun (Mexico). By this time you will recognize the formula of most magazines of this nature. It just happens to feature same-sex couples. It’s no secret that we are attracted to seeing people in love in picturesque locations around the world. With same-sex marriage gaining legal ground around the world, Voyage is right to claim “our time has come” and show the world that “love is love.”


– Eric Plamondon is a Winnipeg-based freelance writer. 

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