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Pride is inspired by the extraordinary true life story of a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money for families affected by the 1984 UK miner’s strike. The miner’s plight with Margaret Thatcher, who was in power at the time, struck a chord with the lesbian and gay community.  Launching what became the Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners campaign, the group was initially rejected by the mineworkers’ union who was reluctant to accept the group’s support for fear of being openly associated with the gay community.

The activists took their donations in person to a small mining Welsh town instead.  What followed was the unlikely, but successful alliance of the two communities. While the strike dragged on, the two groups came to the realization that standing together is the strongest union of all.

US censors have been accused of knee jerk homophobia for giving the comedy/drama a restrictive rating. There’s no significant incidence of violence or sex in Pride to justify the R rating. In any case, you will come out of this movie feeling good, holding your head up high and with pride!

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