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Introduction: Many spiritual writers are involved in a movement that uses the language of conscious awareness and awakening, which contain ancient wisdom that has been repackaged—a reawakening of previous knowledge. Many individuals throughout history and now are taking ownership and responsibility for the wisdom that has been handed down. I speak of two such individuals in this article who have put themselves out there. Looking at the entirety of their life journeys, we can trust our own life journeys and survival and appreciate where we are at this time.

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Entering the coffee shop to meet the three amigos for the second time, Robert with coffee in hand says, “It’s great to meet the three of you again, I see that you’re in a hot discussion already. What’s up?”

Jan, not to be overshadowed, speaks up and says, “Hi Robert, we’re discussing who we consider historical legends.” Robert asked, “How did you get on that topic?

With a sarcastic smile on his face, Danny perks up and says, “Well, we were expecting you and it’s the topic of our youth group tonight.”

Jan bursts out, “Here we go!”

After a greeting, Tom says, “For me, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar are legends, especially since both were gay.”

“Speaking of gays, how about two of our lesbians, Joan of Arc and Florence Nightingale,” adds Jan.

“Let me ask,” insists Danny. “And for you Robert, who’s your legend?”

“Oscar Wilde and Jesus of Nazareth, two men I wrote about who had three similar characteristics,” adds Robert.

Almost in unison, and using similar words, all three exclaim, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

Robert says, “Both men were persecuted for revealing their true life and living the life that they felt was right for them.”

“So did Robin Hood,” added Danny, as we smile back at him in recognition.

Looking intrigued, Tom asked, “You said they have something else in common?”

“Both used their celebrity status. Oscar was the first famous person to speak out about his homosexuality; and Jesus used his fame to speak out against injustice towards those considered as outsiders, as many of us are considered and treated even today,” answers Robert.

“Then there’s Michelangelo?” Tom adds. “And our Gertrude Stein,” adds Jan.

Tom continues, “Robert you said there was a third similarity between them.”

“Yes” answered Robert. “They both had similar skills and talents, Oscar with his writing skills, and Jesus with his public speaking skills. Along with their personalities and lifestyles, each captured the attention of their societies, even if many had problems accepting their messages.”

“We have so many men and women coming out today who are actors, athletes, writers, artists, I wonder if any will be seen as legends some day?,” Jan adds.

“By the sounds of it they’ll have to have been dead for at least a hundred years and still famous,” adds Danny.

Tom continues to be intrigued by Robert’s choices and asks, “When did we start speaking about Oscar Wilde?”

Robert answers: “The gay rights movement used Oscar as an example of how a brilliant famous writer could suffer shame and fear in the name of love. He became a symbol of heroism for trying to defend the love between an older and younger man, claiming that it was a fine and noble form of affection.”

“That explains why they were killed, but where does all this place my legends of Count Dracula and the Loch Ness Monster,” Danny added without smiling.

This time Robert, adding his voice to the others, jokingly responds, “You’ve got to be kidding.”


– Ray Buteau is a former Catholic priest and author of the book No Longer Lonely. You can visits Ray’s website at www.raybuteausweb.com.

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