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CLOTHES On Roger: T-shirt (hand painted) and pants -Lennard Taylor (Winnipeg) Hat – Tisoré (New York) ON JEREMY: Pants and shirt – Lennard Taylor (Winnipeg) Jacket – Trash and Vaudeville (New York)

Fall is an important month for fashion. The season sees fashion weeks unfold all over the world to present next year’s spring trends and looks.

For this OutWords feature, we are taking you to the streets of NYC, the place where even in 40 degrees Celsius weather, wearing all black is still cool.

During fashion week in Manhattan you can see a parade of colours, styles, and statements, but we kept it low key.

Jeremy and Roger are two Winnipeggers who were in the city for fashion week. We collaborated to bring you images that mix both Winnipeg and New York designers, with looks that can be blended in any city, almost any season.

Local, Affordable and Unique

A big misconception of fashion is that you need to spend a lot to look good. Yes, having unicorn pieces (and by “unicorn,” I mean magical and special) is worth the expense, but a lot of times one special piece can bring a whole outfit to the next level. Having a few basics is important to keep it classy.

Style, Comfort & Blending In

In a city like New York, most people dress for the whole day. Fashion becomes the art of blending looks that fit work, meetings, social and even extra-curricular activities. If you simply just don’t have the time to go home and change outfits, how can you make your work clothes fit dinner plans and cocktail hour?

Black is always a safe bet. But the most important thing is comfort. Good news! Sneakers are coming back. Fashion shows such as Alexander Wang’s SS2015 show that comfort can be the new chic.


Take a look at some of the fashion trends from the streets of New York.

All photos by Samanta Katz.

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– Hair: Roger Medina Styling: Roger Medina (@ pro_ roger) and Jeremy Johnson (@jeremyjnow) Creative, copy and photos: Samanta Katz (@samkat)

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