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Chris Vogel and Richard North

We asked you who and what Winnipeg’s GLBT* legends are. Here are a few highlights.

Chris Vogel and Richard North’s struggle to be recognized as a married couple was a big deal to our community.

While no one who responded to our survey had trouble coming up with who they thought the most prominent gay or trans person in Winnipeg was, many had trouble identifying prominent lesbians and bi people. So what this says to OutWords staff is that we need a lot more representation from those communities in our media. Winnipeg is packed with amazing people of all sexualities doing great things and we’re disappointed that we haven’t done a great job of letting you know about the people who belong to those groups. We promise to try harder in future issues if you promise to keep sending us your story ideas so that we’re covering the topics you want to hear.

213-17-winnipeg-ledgendsWhen we asked “What GLBT* organization (past or present) in Winnipeg will you never forget?” most of you answered the Rainbow Resource Centre. Since the early 1970s, the GLBT* support centre has been helping Winnipeg’s community. They’ve become pretty important for us at OutWords. We actually call RRC home now, since giving up our office in the Exchange District a few months ago. We’re happy to be part of this Winnipeg legend and hope we go down in history with them.

Didn’t get a chance to tell us what you thought? There’s still time! Check out the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/ r/2DSLMR9 and watch for updates to the result on our website.

– Meg Crane is the online editor for OutWords and editor-in-chief for Cockroach zine.

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