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31-misfit-andreas-souvaliotisMisfit is a memoir written by Andreas Souvaliotis. It explores many different facets of his life that make him who he is today. We learn about his childhood and family, his brilliant mind and uniqueness, his struggles and accomplishments in love and his career, and we get to be inspired by his amazing work to make change.

Souvaliotis’ memoir is captivating, but there are a few sections in his book that really stuck with me.

Coming out for Andreas was hard and unfortunately not the way he planned it. He knew from a very young age that being gay would not be accepted by his family, so he kept it a secret and moved to Canada when he was 18 to go to university.

He was able to be open up about his sexuality and pursue it.  Unfortunately, when his father came to visit him and his brother, Souvaliotis let his father use a suitcase that had accidentally left a love letter to a boy in. His coming out was not by choice and it took a long time for his family to be tolerant of it.

Being out for Souvaliotis was when his life seemed to have finally started; he could be open and honest and he didn’t have to hide anything anymore. He mentions a few boyfriends and flings throughout his memoir, but when he talks about his partner Joe, there is no doubt about the love they have for each other.

Their love literally brought me to tears and I had to bookmark some pages because they were some of the sweetest, most honest and humble passages I’ve ever read. He describes how he came to define what “home” meant for him and when he realizes that Joe is his home, it is so honest and from such a place of love that it’s become one of my favorite quotes.

Souvaliotis also inspired me with his career goals, his outlook on life and how to make your work with your true passions. Without Souvaliotis even having to say it, you can tell by his personality through his writing that he is a passionate, intelligent and going to create change. He went through a lot of boring, robotic jobs and ended up making his own job.

From there, he went into business with a new found friend and they become successful at a very fast rate. Souvaliotis had to experience some hardships along the way, but that made him cherish his days, life, love and his new job.

He was the only openly gay man to be a CEO out of 800 men in Canada. That alone is inspiring, but the work he did because of his honesty and openness, to me, is the most inspiring. Souvaliotis is devoted to a clean and safe environment, and through hard work, an honest approach, close failures and support from his partner and staff, he was able to make a rewards program with AirCanada.

This reward system promotes healthy eating and healthier ways to get about in our environment. These choices are rewarded with Airmile points. Sometimes when you read memoirs, you can’t always put yourself completely into someone’s life. Well, if you go to Safeway, you can see the Airmile rewards on a certain type of food. You can literally see his work and dreams.

This memoir covers Souvaliotis’ life, but as a queer person I can relate to a lot of the things he talked about to my own life. His positivity that explodes from the pages mixed with his brutally honest approach to life and everything it throws at him is inspiring, to say the least.

It gave me hope to continue to try and make changes to things that are important to me and it reminded me of how much I’m in love with my partner. But most importantly, it showed me that you never really stop growing, every day is a new chance to make your dreams happen and everyday should be cherished to its fullest potential.

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