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Do we need LGBT Members of Parliament?

Like a lot of Canadian-politics watchers, I spent the night of the last federal election glued to the live results on television, furiously refreshing on my laptop, tweeting on my phone and arguing with friends about the meaning of the numbers on my various screens.

The mood in the room at the queer non-partisan results party I was at was decidedly mixed: revulsion at the Harper majority, elation at the incredible NDP and Green breakthroughs, humiliation about the Liberal defeats.

Amid the confusion, I cast out a tweet noting that three new openly gay men won seats in Parliament, and three openly gay incumbents were defeated, leaving a total “queer caucus” of five MPs — down from six, including a retirement.

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Vancouver Pride parade attendance greatly exaggerated

No, there were not 650,000 people at Vancouver’s 2015 Pride parade. Not even close.

The Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) has quoted that mind-boggling figure for years as the size of the crowd at the yearly parade. In turn, the number has been parroted by the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the CBC, and even Daily Xtra. The myth even spread to federal politics, where Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said he promised to join “the half-a-million British Columbians who will be celebrating Pride this afternoon.”

An investigation by Daily Xtra, however, has shown the society’s numbers are not only vastly exaggerated, but have never been based on a reliable count of the crowd.

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Trans mom invited to speak at Leading Moms panel

Trans activist Morgane Oger will become the first trans mom to speak on the panel at an annual Vancouver event celebrating Leading Moms on Friday, Sept 25.

Leading Moms, now in its fourth year, pays tribute to Vancouver mothers who are artists, professionals, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders making a difference in their communities. Oger will join three other mothers on the panel, as well as keynote speaker Mi-Jung Lee, described by organizers as “a CTV Vancouver reporter, anchor, mom and cancer survivor.”

Oger, a trans mom of two young children, is also chair of the Trans Alliance Society, a non-profit organization advocating on behalf of transgender and gender-variant people in BC.

Read the full article at Daily Xtra.


Caitlyn Jenner Gets Legal Name And Gender Change, But Many Transgender People Struggle To Do The Same

Caitlyn Jenner has successfully changed her gender in the eyes of the law. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg approved Jenner’s petition to legally change her gender and name on Friday.

Jenner, who was not in attendance at the hearing, announced she would transition in an interview with Diane Sawyer. She then revealed her name change –- from William Bruce to Caitlyn — in Vanity Fair magazine, where she appeared on the cover.

Jenner’s transition gained widespread publicity and media coverage and has drawn attention to the struggle faced by many in the transgender community. Now that Jenner’s transition has been officially recognized she can apply for government documents that bear her new name. But while getting the ability to change the name on her driver’s license seems to have gone smoothly for her, many in the transgender community face daunting discrimination when trying to achieve the same feat.

Read the full article at Think Progress.

Lawmakers Seek National Park in Honor of Stonewall

Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand of New York and Representative Jerrold Nadler of Manhattan unveiled a campaign on Sunday to create a national park honoring the Stonewall uprising, vowing that they would mount a petition drive urging President Obama to grant protected status to the site of a pivotal early clash in the movement for gay equality.

Standing in front of Christopher Park, the narrow green wedge opposite the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, and flanked by nearly a dozen government officials and activists, the two lawmakers said they would introduce legislation for a national park there.

But both Ms. Gillibrand and Mr. Nadler, both Democrats, said success was far more likely to come through presidential fiat than by an act of the Republican-controlled Congress.

Read the full article at NY Times.

Putin offers to meet Elton John after gay rights call – Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has phoned pop star Elton John and proposed a meeting, according to the Kremlin.

Sir Elton has said he wants to talk to Mr Putin about his “ridiculous” attitude to gay rights.

The singer previously fell victim to pranksters who impersonated the Russian leader on the phone.

But Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian media that Mr Putin had this time called the singer and asked him not to be offended by the hoax.

Mr Putin said on Thursday he was ready to meet Sir Elton – when their schedules allowed it – and discuss “any issues of interest” to the British star, Mr Peskov said.

Read the full article at BBC.

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  1. I Believe Caitlyn Jenner decision of changing her gender has opened the gates for other people like her as well! it would certainly boost the others’ moral to stand up for their will.

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