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Dylan Bekkering and Colin Roy | All photos by Katy MacKinnon

Artistically inclined Dylan Bekkering (graphic designer) and Colin Roy (grip in the film industry) let their personalities shine through the eclectic trimmings of their great room. The house is more than 100 years old, but you’d never know.

Calm, pale yellow walls welcome relaxation while a radiant orange street-facing wall hints of late nights clinking glasses. With large windows and plenty of natural light, this room is versatile—catch some rays in the rocking chair or socialize around the dining table, post-work drink in tow. Two large dogs scampering around, pleased to receive attention of any kind, make it hard to leave.

Clean and thoughtfully organized, the first view of the room directs eyes toward intricate wooden masks on the wall, painted with a soft glow of evening light. These masks hang directly beside the electric fireplace, its backboard Bekkering extended to ceiling height. Most decorations and artifacts were gifts from family and friends who clearly have a knack for Bekkering and Roy’s distinct style.

215-28c-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy1. Painting: Roy purchased this colourful gem in Cambodia while travelling through Southeast Asia. “This is one of the ruins in Angkor Wat, it’s one of the first civilizations that we know of. I took a day and travelled around it.”


215-28e-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy2. Masks: Collected over time, four masks hang aside the fireplace, though the brightly-coloured mask covered in animals is a favourite. “It’s made from a super light wood that they find in the forest there. It’s super easy to carve and they can get really detailed with it. They’re pretty popular there, but this is our favourite one.”


215-28b-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy3. Record player and stand: Roy received the record player from a previous roommate, and the two purchased the stand from a store in Osborne Village. As a result, the pair are now collectors.


215-28d-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy4. Cajon drum: This multi- purpose tool acts as a seat and a drum. Perfect for entertaining, the box-like structure adds life and music to any gathering.


215-28h-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy5. Buddha painting: Bekkering received this painting as a gift from his dad. The lively colours and style match well with the painting from Cambodia. “That painting is one of my favourite ones done. He’s a super talented guy. It brings a lot to the room.”

6. Vintage ashtray: An unconventional Christmas exchange brought this gold, knee-height ashtray to the room. “We had to do a vintage present or something used.”


215-28g-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy7. Didgeridoo: Another gift, this instrument brought out some interesting reactions from the pups. They were surprised and shocked at the noises coming out of this painted wooden trumpet.


215-28f-at-home-with-dylan-bekkering-and-colin-roy8. Nest thermostat: “It was a present from our friend Phil. It can tell when you’re home, from the vibrations. When you walk up to it, it lights up. It’s like an iPhone for your thermostat. I can actually control it from my phone; I can heat it before I get home. It’s meant to be more sustainable.”

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