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To Russia With Love

WINNIPEG-On June 24, The Canadian Museum for Human Rights hosted a screening of the documentary To Russia With Love directed by Winnipegger Noam Gonick. According to ChrisD, this documentary follows the Russian anti-gay propaganda law during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Many people featured in the film are gay rights activists and it’s important to see how they helped us to have the freedoms we do today.

GLBT Scholarship for engineering program

WINNIPEG-Jeff Kushner was a graduate from the engineering program at the University of Manitoba and at the time was not out because the environment didn’t feel safe to him. According to The Winnipeg Free Press, Kushner and his partner, Dr. Randal McGinnis, have created a $1,000 scholarship for an out second year engineering student. This will be the first scholarship specific to GLBT students and Kushner’s hope is that faculty and Winnipeg are more accepting than in previous years.


Blood, Sweat and Queers

TORONTO- Matt Barker is a queer media journalist who made a documentary about last year’s Pride Festival in Toronto. According to EnQueery, Barker’s purpose for the film was to relive life experiences of human rights advocates as well as figure out the true reason for Pride. This challenges him to question his own meaning of Pride and how his perspectives have changed over the years.

Gender-reassignment surgeries taking back seat

ONTARIO-With the demand of gender reassignment surgeries in Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne says the healthcare system needs to change. According to CBC, more than 970 people are on a waitlist for surgeries and can only qualify for coverage through the Ontario Health Insurance Plan once they go through the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Wynne hopes that recent trans issues that have gotten media attention will help public with awareness.


Sexism and Homophobia in sports

This year’s FIFA women teams are taking down barriers and making themselves seen and heard. According to The Winnipeg Free Press, there are 15 open lesbian athletes in the league. By being themselves and being open, they are showing great courage. With their openness, sexism and homophobia are being looked at more closely and can hopefully pour into other sports.

Same-sex marriage legalized 

UNITED STATES-In a 5-4 ruling, the United States celebrated the long deserved Supreme Court decision to nationally legalize same-sex marriage. According to CBC, many gay couples who had been banned from getting married, married immediately after the decision was announced. Gay and lesbian couples are now protected under the 14th amendment to get married, just as heterosexual couples are. While this decision was celebrated by most, some weren’t happy based on religious grounds.

Transgender woman ignored by Obama

WASHINGTON-At a gay pride reception in the White House, a transgender woman, Jennicet Gutierrez, spoke up on behalf of trans women’s and trans women of colour’s rights and was met with disapproval from the President. According to CBC, President Obama wanted to focus on the strides the country has made to be more accepting of the GLBT community but failed to acknowledge the current problems and oppression trans women and trans women of colour face in United States’ detention centres.

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  1. I believe that the 14th amendment will be a turning point for the community and those who are not happy with it, will forget and get cosy with it eventually.

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