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Showing heritage with pride

WINNIPEG-Eighth grader Alyssa Richards, from Flin Flon, Man., showcased her Canadian heritage with pride at a heritage fair in Winnipeg. According to The Winnipeg Free Press, the event took place at the Duckworth Centre at the University of Winnipeg with 235 participating students, including eight who came down from Flin Flon. Richards talked about GLBT rights in Canadian history and how they have come a long way. She also focused on transgender rights and how they are still far behind.


Homophobia prominent in sports

NEWFOUNDLAND-About 9,500 people from six different English-speaking countries took a poll on whether or not homophobia is still a factor in sports. According to CBC, over 80 per cent of Canadians polled said they experienced or witnessed homophobia. An even higher per cent of GLBT people, nearly 90 per cent, said they are not open about their sexually and some even feel unsafe sharing their sexuality while on a team. Exposure and education of homophobia in sports is a start to solving this problem.

Ontario sex ed goes to court

TORONTO-On May 4, parents started the first of an eight day strike against the curriculum, with over 34,000 students absent from classes because the new sex ed curriculum in Ontario excludes their opinions. According to DailyXtra, parents are unhappy with certain subject matter that they believe is apart of the curriculum, but that actually is not, such as “Anal Play 101.” There seems to be no indication of changing the new sex ed material and many are taking to social media with #supportsexed to show their support of including more GLBT content.

Politics moving toward equality

ALBERTA-With Alberta’s new political leader is NDP Rachel Notley, the number of women premiers in the country up to three, helping increase political diversity. Prince Edward Island has the second openly-gay provincial leader in Canada and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is the first open lesbian. According to CBC, politics in Canada are making a change for a future that is more inclusive than before.


GLBT issues and psychology

LONDON-Two doctors of psychology in London want to address the way GLBT youth are treated in the United States and the United Kingdom by psychologists. According to BPS, GLBT youth can suffer from mental health issues as a result of some policies in countries that are discriminatory. Having a supportive psychological side to issues has helped in political, social and legal GLBT issues and Dr. Bidell and Dr. Milton want to these this progression internationally.

Cuba shows its pride

CUBA-Last weekend, Mariela Castro sponsored a pride parade for gay, lesbian and transgender people in Cuba. According to Fusion, this was the eighth year of the March Against Homophobia and Transphobia. This year, nearly two dozen couples took symbolic vows and received religious blessings inspired by last year’s Toronto World Pride. Homophobia in Cuba has been an issue in the past that included persecution and re-education camps. Castro has been an advocate for GLBT rights and their progression in Cuba.

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  1. On homophobia i would say it is quite obvious especially if you have seen anything suspicious and that’s how it all works… you see what you want to see.

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