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Here are a few of the Fringe shows we at Outwords are most excited about. Did we miss one you’re dying to see? Tweet @outwords; we’ll check it out and you’ll be entered to win free tickets to Snack Music.


Clint and Kyle, two young men from Wetaskiwin, Alta., skip their best friend Danny’s funeral and lock themselves in a garage with several cases of beer, Jack Daniels, a cornucopia of pharmaceuticals and broken dreams… and they’re not coming out until everything’s been drunk, popped, shot up and smoked “with an ending that will blow you away.” 3…2…1 is a raw, violent and sometimes funny examination of life, religion, love, friendship and homophobia. The show deals with themes such as small town homophobia, racism and teen suicide.

Adam Bailey is on Fire

Growing up the son of a minister is never easy, especially not when you turn out to be gay. Adam Bailey takes on this aspect of his youth in this show, which promises not to pull punches or be sentimental, instead it follows Adam from bible studies in banquet halls to bathhouse dates to the bedside of his cancer ridden grandfather, all while maintaining a post-modern whimsy.

Armageddon Fuck Fest

When an experienced aggressor, a restless virgin, and a self-appointed knight in shining armour intrude on a withdrawn cynic, reluctant and eager forces collide. Follow four strangers as they attempt to make sense of their circumstance and relate to each other in spite of their own desires, panic to make a connection, and anxieties about what the end means to each of them. This show itself doesn’t have queer content, but half the crew is from the GLBT community,

Becoming Banksy

This gender-bending show takes a laugh-out-loud look at what can happen when an ordinary guy gets mistaken for the world’s most infamous graffiti artist.

Poster_For_WebBiggest Little Child Star

Roberta Townsend has been through a lot since she left her hometown to pursue an acting career in the big city. After experimenting with sex, drugs and yoga, she decides she needs to get in touch with her roots… and audition for the part she lost to her best frenemy at the tender age of 9.


The Birdcage


A young engagement, one gay couple, two Republican parents, a Guatemalan house-maid and a whole lotta drag is…THE BIRDCAGE! Where boys are girls, lies are the truth, love is loud, lights are bright and we are family! The tension. It’s like riding a psychotic horse toward a burning stable!

After a successful run in Steinbach, Crosswalk Productions is happy to bring their stage version of the popular 1996 movie that starred Robin Williams and Nathan Lane to the Fringe – but this time with a lot more sequins.

Die Roten Punkte – Best Band in the World


This lipstick-smeared, tantrum-loving, sonic collision of a performance that is half theatre and half rock-concert, has gone down a storm at Festivals all over the world, and is just about to take a tour of Canada to present a “best of” set featuring their favourite songs from their four albums and Ontario is their first stop.

Die Roten Punkte’s Astrid is bi and the pair have always had a strong following from within the GLBT community. They have played at legendary nights such as “Duckie” at the Vauxhall Tavern in London and was the main support act for Amanda Palamer in the US, Australia and Europe.

Want free tickets to this show? Email with “Burgerstore Dinosaur” in subject line. The first four to contact them will win two tickets to any of their shows.

Do I Have To Do Everything My F**king Self?

With the voice of a shady angel and a body made for breaking hearts, Regina delivers anthems from the alleyways and sets the nights ablaze. The alter ego of Toronto indie musician Gentleman Reg and front lady for the band Light Fires, Regina brings a collection of comedy, music, storytelling and dance for her one woman show.

A Girl’s Guide to War

Teenager Millicent Gulch steps on stage at her middle school talent show expecting to give the performance of her young life.  She has visions of standing ovations and being carried out of the auditorium on the shoulders of her classmates.  Things do not go quite as planned…

The feminist show explores gender identity, with the main character, although a young girl, dressing as Napoleon and play at being him, taking on his identity and presence.  The show is set up so that she has a male friend backstage who is clearly in love with her, yet she chooses to focus on the female relationship with her best friend.  She’s young and hasn’t considered her own sexuality yet.


Experience the passion and tragedy of Federico Garcia Lorca, Spain’s noted playwright and poet, who struggled with being gay in a time that was unforgiving of diversity and individuality.

The production showcases a dozen dancers interpreting scenes from his life and works through flamenco and Spanish dance, highlighting Lorca’s notable friendship with Salvador Dali as well as his travels to New York and Cuba. With live guitar, vocal and musical accompaniment, the company honours Lorca’s affinity for music, theatre and dance to celebrate a life cut tragically short.

Love with Leila

Love With Leila tells the story of a charming, flamboyant and bearded Persian woman who lives to please her parents and lose herself in love. Leila knows exactly who she is, proudly living her life out loud. But when Leila meets her Prince Charming, falling in love for the first time, her world is turned upside down. Is love really all it’s cracked up to be?

Want to see Leila on opening night? Tweet at us or post on our Facebook wall about why you want free tickets to the opening show on Wednesday July 15 at 9:45 for your chance to win!

Lust & Marriage

DanceNaked.Lust_Marriage.EleanorOBrien.Naked.Clothed.LloydLemmermanPhotoEmily is a hopelessly romantic ethical slut in search of a soul mate. When a Burning Man fling turns out to be the love of her life, she thinks she’s found her happy ending. But her paramour doesn’t pine for monogamy. What’s a Pollyanna to do? Can polyamory save their romance?

A love story about open relationships and non-monogamy is somewhat unusual, but this theatre company that regularly explores and celebrates sexuality thinks it’s time.

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Detour is set in the UK, in the summer of 2012. Prompted by a letter from her dead mother, Sandra, and her dog take an unexpected car journey from London to Land’s End, Cornwall at a pivotal and sensitive time in her life. The audience travel with Sandra from the UK’s capital and along sacred English countryside terrain, as she encounters magical, mysterious, archetypal characters and scenarios on the way. We journey with her as she struggles to accept the unplanned detours of life, love, and on the road (that she *thought* she was on)…

The show’s performer, Gemma Wilcox, is from the GLBT community and thrilled to be playing a gay calla lily plant at one point in the show.


This daring production explores how violence manifests itself in our everyday lives through a series of disconnected scenes and monologues.

Ranging from the metaphoric to the realistic, the 23 scenes look at situations of violence in our culture, in our families and within ourselves.  Intense, provocative and, at times, darkly funny, the play raises complex questions that have no easy answers.

Although brought to life by two female actors, all of the 24 characters except three, are written to be played by actors of any gender. This is one of the ways the writer hopes to contribute to making theatre more accessible and equitable to everyone, including the GLBT community.  The play does not specifically address any community, however, of the disconnected scenes there is a scene with a lesbian couple (although they are simply shown to be a couple, and the fact that it is a homosexual relationship is not discussed as it is not relevant to the scene).

Check out the play and guess which one they are!

Snack Music

Snack Music is a mash up of storytelling, puppetry and live music.  Three artists divulge true stories from their lives, and puppeteer them.  They then invite a few willing audience members to share a true story from their own lives, and watch the performers bring it to life with improvised puppetry and live music.  As you watch, you eat free snacks, hence the name.

Snack Music queer musician Elliott Loran Loran dishes on the true story of his first kiss and how a surprisingly supportive community of lumberjacks in rural British Columbia helped him muster the courage to come out of the closet.

Want to check out this show for FREE? Tweet which Fringe show you’re most excited to see @Outwords before Tuesday July 14 and you’ll be entered to win two tickets to the Wednesday July 15 show at 6:30 p.m.

Steven Brinberg is Simply Barbara

Steven Brinberg as Barbra Streisand. He will impersonate her at a show at the Westchester Sandbox Theatre in Mamaroneck on Nov. 13, 2010.

Steven Brinberg is the world’s premier Streisand impressionist. In this show, you’ll hear her famous songs sung live, accurately portraying Streisand’s voice and look. Brinberg is authentic in his performance, telling hilarious stories as “Barbra” about her life and 50 year career in show business.

Stories of Love and Passion

Stories Promo_MedRes1

What do stories of sex work, loss of virginity, pregnancy, and group sex have in common? They are all part of the unconventional love stories that Rosie Bitts tells in this critically acclaimed new solo play.

Rosie mixes cabaret, burlesque, and storytelling to create a roller coaster ride of a show that takes the audience from laughter to tears to titillation within the span of an hour. “I think it’s important to tell true stories – ones that aren’t your traditional, candy-coated love stories,” says Rosie.

Some of the tales are heartbreaking, some hilarious, and others quite arousing. And all of them are based in truths drawn from Rosie’s life or from the lives of people close to her. These are the stories of love, sex and passion that people don’t always want to talk about or admit happen.


Teddy Bears and Tidal Waves

Teddy Bears 3

This is the story of a girl who’d rather be a bear. We follow Uschi through her childhood, teen years and young adulthood, as she struggles with insecurity, bullies, alcohol, sexuality and gender expression. Combining music, movement, monologue and object puppetry, the play explores coming to terms with identity. Audiences can expect live songs, sexy teddy bear dances and free blueberries.

Text Me

Text Me is a contemporary ballet that follow the story of a teen manipulated into sexual exploitation. From cajolement to coercion, we shadow her seasoning into the sex trade, until her ultimate escape.


Enter a crystal-studded fantasia where the endearingly maladroit Wynazz endlessly dreams of her impending international acclaim. She can’t get the taste of showbiz out of her mouth. Demons arrive with chocolate in tow and Fred Astaire is on a stick—oh no!

Through acrobatics, audience play and general merriment, she ultimately finds and defines her own success.

XOXO: The Relationship Show


This show features a coming out story and normalizes queer relationships by showing them right alongside straight relationships. It is both welcoming and inclusive by sharing queer experiences while educating straight audiences who may not realize that queer stories will be part of the experience, as heterosexist culture points out again and again. Plus it’s really funny.

We’ve all heard nice guys finish last, but what about nice girls? XOXO: The Relationship Show is a comedy cabaret exploring the highs and lows of dating: inspired by conversations between friends and featuring personal experiences and anecdotes, Two Juliets combines the honesty of stand up comedy, the theatricality of a Shakespearean tragedy and the bone-chilling horror of an R.L. Stine novel. This queer positive and gender inclusive sketch comedy-theatre hybrid uses original music, pop culture references and real-life stories mixed with fantastical interpretations of what dating in the 21st century can be, including “Oops, You Did It Again” – a parody of a popular Britney Spears song exploring the modern phenomenon of “sexting” – and the new Irish folk song “The Isle of Starbuck” about a coffee shop where no one knows your name but everyone feels at home.  As often as we feel rejection, jealousy and embarrassment, we also experience butterflies in our stomachs, first kisses and a sincere hope for true love. Join Meghan and Franny as they navigate the relationship waters from first kiss to first dis, breakups to make-ups and everything in between! Recommended for ages 15 and up.

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