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George & Kevin Baars-Wilhelm

Q. How did you choose what to wear?

Our wedding theme was a combination Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Alice in Wonderland. As such, we wanted our outfits to fit the theme. We found fabric locally that we liked (Victorian, almost tapestry fabric), but to have custom jackets made was more than we wanted to spend. I searched online and found Shrine Clothing. Luckily we found jackets that were an almost exact match to the fabric we liked.

Our rings were custom designed for us from Bijou. Kevin inherited his grandmother’s wedding rings and we incorporated some of the gold and diamonds into our wedding bands. Very sentimental and it meant a great deal to us.

215-12b-suiting-up-for-your-big-dayQ. Any tips for people trying to decide what to wear?

I think choosing your outfit is determined by the couple’s personality and the type of wedding they are having. We wanted ours to be more whimsical so we chose our clothing accordingly.

I would suggest couples find pictures in magazines or online and cut them out or print copies off and create a “wedding likes” file. Find themes of cakes, décor, rings, outfits, flowers, etc. Then go through and choose your favourites and go from there.

We did our own centrepieces on the tables—we had tall vases with lit up water beads in a teal blue colour. Out of those we had flowers about five feet tall with peacock feathers surround them and other themed items. We hunted for the best deals over a year.

215-12c-suiting-up-for-your-big-dayQ. Where did you get married?

We were married at the Radisson Hotel in Winnipeg. The linens and fabric were supplied by Chair-ish Your Moments. The flowers were provided by Market Flowers. The music and light show were by Linear Sound Machine Ltd., photography was by Shandi Strong.

We had a hard time figuring out cake ideas, then we were at a family dinner and Kevin’s dad suggested Jeanne’s Bakery. We decided to do one cake for each table. For a main cake we got a custom gluten-free cake from Sweet Addictions Bakery because we had a few guests who were gluten intolerant. So in the end we had 16 cakes and it was still more inexpensive than one custom cake.

  • Shirts / Hudson’s Bay / $45 each
  • Jackets / Shrine Clothing / $750 for both
  • Belts / The Bay / $65 for both
  • Eyewear / Clearly Contacts
  • Rings / Bijou
  • Tie & bowtie / eBay / $40 for both




Photos by Victoria Anne Photography. Visit

Natalie & Cassandra

Q. How did you choose what to wear?

Natalie – I knew I wanted to wear a dress and I had a general idea of what I wanted my dress to look like. I also had a pretty
long list of things I didn’t want on my dress, e.g. no sparkles, no jewels, not huge and puffy.

Cassandra – I knew that I was going to wear a dress, so I started by looking through a lot of magazines and at dresses online to get
an idea of what I liked. After trying on different styles and working with the bridal consultant, I was able to turn a dress I liked into the dress I loved.

Q. Any tips for people trying to decide what to wear?
Natalie – Try on many different styles and go outside your comfort zone, you might be surprised at what looks good.

215-12e-suiting-up-for-your-big-dayCassandra – Don’t be afraid to try something different. Don’t worry about what other people think you should wear. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Q. Where did you get married?

We had an outdoor wedding. Both our ceremony and reception were in Natalie’s parents’ country yard.

  • Dress – Natalie / David’s Bridal / brand: Galina with big alterations / $800 + $400 of alterations / special features: Pockets and made of cottonDress – Cassandra / Chantal’s Bridal & Formal / brand: Sophia Tolli / $1600 including alterations / special features: Originally strapless. “I wanted to have a very low, open back, so we basically took out the entire back and put in very thin straps.”
  • Floral headpiece – Natalie / Fache Floral Designs / $80 Opal necklace – Natalie / from Natalie’s mom
  • Pearl earrings – Cassandra / from Natalie’s family


Photos by Shandi Strong. Visit:

John & Richard Kletke

Q. How did you choose what to wear?

We wanted to have a simple ceremony and to that end, traditional black tuxedos were the perfect choice for us. We chose tuxedos that were square cut and tapered.

Q. Any tips for people trying to decide what to wear?

We found it helpful to choose what we wore based on the theme or type of ceremony we were having. Since we were having a relatively simple outdoors ceremony, we felt matching black tuxedos complemented the day quite well.

215-12h-suiting-up-for-your-big-dayQ. Where did you get married?

We held our wedding outdoors in Birds Hill Provincial Park, just outside of Winnipeg.

  •  Tuxedos / Moores the Suit People / rental (see prices on the Moores website)


GLBT* Wedding Planning Tips

Planning your wedding should be fun and stress- free. But when it comes to GLBT* weddings, there’s lots to think about. Here are some solutions to common snags in queer weddings.
Wedding toppers and are great places to find same-sex wedding toppers, including toppers of a bride in a suit. GayWeddings. com is also good because you can personalize the
topper, including skin colour, attire and hair colour.

Dealing with homophobic family members
It can be really awkward and uncomfortable if someone at your wedding
doesn’t agree with GLBT* marriages. First, consider not inviting them. Be warned though—that might send the message that you’re not interested in having a relationship with them.

If you want to invite
them, talk to them and say you love your partner, you’re happy and you understand if they’re not comfortable coming to the wedding but your door is always open.

If they do show up, you might be surprised at how your wedding affects them. You and your partner will be surrounded by people who love you and support your relationship, which may show them that your relationship is just as legitimate as anyone else’s.

If you are non-confrontational but want to take action, you might want to consider starting a wedsite (wedding website) where you can include stories and updates on your big day. A wedsite might be a good way to post short articles that discuss, for example, why you feel that your marriage is still in line with your faith or why you don’t want kids at your wedding.

Choosing ceremony passages

Some common readings for Christian gay couples are: Samuel 18:1-5 and 20:16-17. Christian lesbian couples commonly read Ruth 1:16-17.

Other ideas for passages include poetry, classic literature, love letters, song lyrics or stories from each partner or your family.

Let us know what you wore to your wedding and how you decided on what to wear. Contact us through Facebook or Twitter, or email us at

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