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Meg Crane

As you may know, OutWords has been undergoing some major changes. The newest is that it has a new editor.

I was excited to take on the challenge of editing Winnipeg’s GLBT magazine, but quickly disheartened by how hurt some members of the community have been by the publication. When a writer went to cover a story about GLBT folks living in poverty, she was met with hostility and we had to bump the article in order to give us the time to gain some trust and really dig into the heart of the story.

I don’t blame anyone, but I want you to know that we aren’t here just for rich folks or white folks or able bodied folks. We are here for everyone in Manitoba’s GLBT community. If there’s something we’re not covering, we want to know! So get in touch.

For this issue, someone brought to our attention the fact that we hadn’t written anything about the Trans Winnipeg Working Group. And what a shame that was! The group is doing some great work to create a safe space for people who identify as trans to meet and discuss important issues relevant to them. So, we sent our new contributor Faith Ginter to find out what it’s all about. You can read about the group on page 14.

…we aren’t here just for rich folks or white folks or able bodied folks

We want to welcome more members of our community to contribute to OutWords. We had several new writers this issue and our list of photographers is growing! If you want to dive in as a new contributor, email me for more details at editor@outwords.ca.

For the “sex” issue, some of our regulars piped up with some great stories. Larkin Schmiedl took a look at Winnipeg’s poly scene and lets you know what’s up on page 10. We’ve got Wes Funk’s reflection on promiscuity in the gay community on page 13 and Shandi Strong’s look at the difficulty of coming out as trans to potential partners on 16.

Flip through and see what you think of the “sex” issue. If you’re really not happy with what OutWords has going on these days, there are a few things you can do. The easiest way to influence change over here is to complain to me! I’d love to hear your suggestions about making this a publication you are proud to pick up. If you really want to see a difference, you could also join the board! They’re always on the look-out for diverse new members. For more information, email chair@outwords.ca.

But you’d better get your input in quick! Based on complaints about going down to only four issues of OutWords a year, we’re planning six jam-packed, exciting issues for 2016 that we hope will blow your socks off.


–Meg Crane is the editor of OutWords and the founding editor of Cockroach

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