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Walking into Lynne Robidoux Burndorfer and Linda Burndorfer’s home, it’s hard not to be jealous. With high ceilings, gorgeous deco and a huge backyard, it’s a dream home created by a couple with a dream relationship.

“I make every room my room, honey,” says Lynne. Then she laughs. You want to believe her, but it’s hard to, looking around.

Lynne’s sculptures sit alongside Linda’s pieces. The two art lovers point out what they bought for one another, what they inherited from family members and what they found together.

Here are a few of their favourite spaces in their home.


We’re not living in the Exchange District, but we kind of wanted to make it look like it would fit in that environment,” Lynne says. They had the brick wall put in a few years ago during renovations to help achieve the look.


217-28-at-home-with-2Lynne and Linda hang homegrown peppers from their new stove. This is one of their favourite spaces in their home because of their love of cooking.


217-28-at-home-with-3When they met, Linda had many Southwestern features in her home and Lynne owned many soapstone carvings. “It was kind of like South meets North,” Linda says.


217-28-at-home-with-4“The backyard for me is my sanctuary,” Linda says. The yard is split into different areas, including this space, which is the Greek region of the spacious yard. “It just gives us a park setting in our backyard,” Linda says.


217-28-at-home-with-5Lynne and Linda had the backyard redone for their wedding, at which time this fireplace was installed to keep guests cozy. “We wanted to create an oasis back there, which we did,” Lynne says.


–Meg Crane is the editor of OutWords and the founding editor of Cockroach.

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