October, 2015 / Author: Vic Hooper

Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories

Review by Danelle Granger

This book of lesbian erotica, edited by Sacchi Green, is a compilation of short stories about hot love affairs, sex bringing lovers closer together, first lesbian experiences and kinky fetishes.

It was only a half satisfying read. The first half had shorter stories focused solely on the sex. Some weren’t believable and others were questionably unsanitary. The second half had more substance and explored relationships alongside the sex. These were more relatable. Each author has different writing backgrounds and the different styles were interesting. Dialogue and detailed description made the stories come alive.

This book was also eye opening. It shows many ways lesbians have sex, including fetishes and kinks. “Odds,” one of the stories, has a low-key style and a wishful factor about it. The characters are warm, relatable and make you feel happy when you read their experience. This was one of the deepest stories as the characters were really inclusive. The sex in it was great and had a romantic feel.

Overall, 70 per cent of the stories are sexy, hot and able to get a reader in the mood. The other 30 per cent may have you questioning sanitary issues and believability. This is a great erotica novel to start with if you’ve never read lesbian erotica before.


Tangled Sheets: Stories & Poems of Lesbian Lust

Review by Danelle Granger

Written in the early 1990s by Dionne A. Falconer, this lesbian erotica focuses on typical lesbian stereotypes—the butch and the femme. It has two sections: the first half is composed of short stories and the second half of poems. The short stories vary between loving relationship stories and kinky sexual experiences. The stories focus more on
the people involved than the sex acts they are doing. This is a great way to make these stories and situations relatable and relevant in the readers’ personal lives.

One story in particular stood out. It was about a woman who had recently ended her marriage and got to hook up with her fantasy crush. This experience made her remember her ex-wife and gave the story an emotional feel on top of a great sex encounter.

The poems were short and sweet and reflected many points of view of lesbians and how they feel about their identity and sex. Some were simply written and others more detailed and powerful. If you are looking for an emotional but sexual read, this is great erotica for you. It’s an easy transition from story to story to poem.


Gay Haiku

Review by Wes Funk

The well-loved book, Gay Haiku, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Joel Derfner writes in a variety of genres, but this was his first and most successful publishing accomplishment.

Inspired by a turbulent breakup, Derfner takes readers on a spiralling, sexy and side-splitting roller-coaster in colourful haikus, poking fun at himself and the stereotypes of gay life.

These are not your mama’s haikus. Derfner boldly discusses topics like subway sex and screaming matches between boyfriends parting ways. He does it all in a succinct manner too. After all, haikus are only 17 syllables and three lines long!

If you are not a fan of poetry, check out Derfner’s other books (Swish is another favourite). But if you are someone who loves to get lost in poems, then Gay Haiku is the book for you.

Incidentally, if you have never embraced poetry, this might be a good opportunity to give it a go. Gay Haiku is a swell introduction, and there are many other beautiful gay poetry books out there. Look for the blinding pink cover and you won’t be disappointed.

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