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Manitoba appoints first transgender judge Kael McKenzie

Kael McKenzie was appointed to the bench this week by an independent judicial nominating committee. He worked for a private practice and as a Crown attorney before getting the new job.


Read the full story at CBC.


Justin Trudeau to be first prime minister to attend Pride Toronto

Justin Trudeau is set to be the first sitting prime minister to attend a Pride parade.

According to Pride Toronto, Trudeau has confirmed that he will march in the 2016 parade scheduled for the July long weekend.


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Something strange is going on with straight women

Most women may be straight but not all of them, it turns out, are narrow. A new study from a Canadian psychologist shows that in terms of sexual arousal, there are actually two very different groups of straight women. And what arouses them might not be what you would expect.


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Are Liberals backing away from promise to end gay blood ban?

The federal Liberals’ campaign promise to end the ban on sexually active gay men donating blood is nowhere in sight, with the newly appointed health minister Jane Philpott declining to comment on a timetable to end the ban.


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California Will Get ‘Bathroom Police’ If ‘Privacy’ Measure Passes, Critics Fear

A group of self-described California “privacy advocates” is making a final push to gather enough signatures to place an initiative on 2016 ballots that would ban transgender people from using public bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity.


Read the full story at USNews.

Cambodians’ Attitudes Toward LGBT Surveyed

The attitudes of Cambodians who claim to support lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people are often very similar to those who identify as opponents of LGBT rights, according to a new report released on Monday by the local NGO Rainbow Community Kampuchea.


Read the full story at Cambodia Daily.

Nearly three dozen religious colleges seek waivers on transgender students

Nearly three dozen religious colleges and universities in 20 U.S. states have received federal waivers allowing them not to accommodate transgender students in admissions, housing and other areas of campus life, according to a report by the nation’s largest LGBT rights group and documents obtained by The Associated Press.


Read the full story at LGBTQNation.


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