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Winnipeg’s Trans Day of Remembrance to honour victims

Trans Day of Remembrance is held on Nov. 20 of every year to memorialize transgender people who were murdered in the previous year, and Winnipeg will be having their own event.

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Manitoba raises transgender flag to honour victims of hate

Manitoba raised a flag in Memorial Park on Friday in recognition Transgender Day of Remembrance and to show the world the province is “a peaceful, tolerant and welcoming place.”

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Proof of surgery no longer required to officially change gender in Manitoba

New legislation is about to make it easier for Manitobans to change their sex designation on birth documents — a development that comes as a “great relief,” to those in the transgender community.

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Transgender children in Canada to get more support, expert says

A network of support for transgender children is growing in Canada, at clinics working to help youth transition from one gender to another.

But critics say it raises ethical questions about when children are able to make medical decisions.

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Manitoba funding for transition services will save lives, says transgender man

The Manitoba government is boosting funding and support care for transgender individuals, a move that many in the transgender community say will save lives.

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Youth was beaten unconscious because he’s gay, say police

Calgary police believe a teen who was beaten unconscious by a group of young men in the summer was attacked because he is gay, and they are now asking the public for help in identifying the attackers.

Read the full story at CBC.

Toronto’s Trans Day of Remembrance in photos

Before the flag-raising on Nov 20, 2015, Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam spoke a few words to the attendees.

Behind her, activists protested the event. The group claims that the Toronto Trans Alliance, the organization behind the flag-raising at City Hall, was not honouring the spirit of “mourning and resistance” that should be central to the Trans Day of Remembrance.

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Ottawa Trans Day of Remembrance brings unity 

The Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is a sobering day to remember those who lost their lives to transphobic violence, but for indigenous activist RJ, it’s also an opportunity for unity.

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Gay youth launch anti-shame campaigns for online dating

Ten years after its launch in Vancouver, graduates of a sexual health leadership program for young gay men are leading initiatives across Canada to help their peers speak to each other without shame.

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This Gay Man Sold A Kidney To Escape Iran

There was only one way Danial could think of to get out of Iran: He would have to sell his kidney.

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Gay Men in China Hit Hard By HIV/AIDS Epidemic 

China has reported nearly 110,000 HIV/AIDS cases so far this year, with gay men accounting for over 25 per cent of the total, a media report said on Friday.

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On Transgender Day of Remembrance, recalling the trans woman whose brutal murder sparked first prosecution for hate crime

There were two things in particular, that struck filmmaker Alan Dominguez about the murder of transgender woman Angie Zapata.

One was that the killing had taken place in the town of Greeley, an hour north of Denver and a place known for its conservatism. The second was that her family was Latino, the same as his, and not known as “a community where sexual orientation is part of the conversation”.

Read the full story at Independent. 

Some transgender men need period underwear like this

Underwear brand THINX launched two summers ago with the tagline “Underwear for women with periods.” The briefs have an insert in each pair that is absorbent, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, so wearers can avoid leakage.

Read the full story at Mashable.


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