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217-09-the-gaylistFor this issue, I’ve created a playlist of my top 10 favourite songs. I have a tendency toward indie electro synth pop, usually from Sweden, so that’s mostly what this is.

You can listen to the playlist here. It features five bonus songs that I didn’t have room for here!

1. Dragonette
“Let The Night Fall”

It’s always interesting when a band you have loved for a long time finally gets recognition. You may know Dragonette for its appearance on Martin Solveig’s “Hello” or from its collaborations with Big Data, Galantis or Mike Mago, but I have to say I always prefer Dragonette on its own. The musicians know their way around a pop tune better than anyone and “Let The Night Fall” is evidence of that.

2. Sam Bruno
“Search Party”

You might recognize this from the trailer for the movie Paper Towns It has been my anthem since I heard it there. I love the production. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of escape. Bruno might also be
on her way to universal acclaim as she recently tweeted she had been working with Britney Spears on new material. Yes, please.

3. Years & Years

Communion, Years & Years’ debut al- bum, will likely be my top album of 2015. The album is packed with crisp, inventive synthpop, delivered with the angst only a young gay man knows. The lead singer is dating the cute guy from Clean Bandit and I’m anxiously awaiting the day their relationship leads to a collaboration. “Shine” is romantic and optimistic, and just wait until you hear the Max Sanna club remix. Thanks to DJ Roy Liang for that tip.

4. Urban Cone
“Sadness Disease”

I often say the best songs come from Sweden. Urban Cone proves me right. Its sophomore album Polaroid Memories is packed with great tunes, including a col- laboration with fellow Swedish phenom Tove Lo. “Sadness Disease” makes you want to cry and dance at the same time. “How you gonna cure me?” asks lead singer Emil before the synth explodes.

5. Josef Salvat
“Open Season”

Salvat could be one of the best kept secrets in music. His collaboration with Tourist is amazing and Sony chose his cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” for an ad campaign. His debut album Night Swim will be out early next year and will be well worth a listen if his In Your Prime EP is any indication. The video for “Open Sea- son” is also brilliant. You should probably watch it immediately.

“No Type”

You’ve probably never heard Rae Srem- murd’s “No Type” quite like this before. ASTR puts a melodic spin on the rap song and it’s heavenly. Even the ubiquitous “bad bitches” lyric seems almost gentle.

“Leave A Trace”

The first single from CHVRCHES’ second album Every Open Eye is as ferocious as we have come to expect from the band. It makes the all-too-familiar trope of the break up song sound as fresh as ever.

8. Panama

Panama has been bubbling under on my radar for a while. Its Always EP was on high rotation for me last year and “Jun- gle” kept me singing along on every road trip this summer.

9. Jocelyn Alice

I generally avoid radio like the plague and scour music blogs in search of new tunes, but sometimes in that brief moment between when I start my car and when I plug my iPod in, I’ll be introduced to someone like Jocelyn Alice. “Jackpot” is the kind of song that makes you nod your head involuntarily. It’s also pretty freaking cute, which always helps.

10. Ekkah
“Last Chance To Dance”

And last but not least, the title song from Ekkah’s 2014 debut EP. Next time you’re in need of a house party slow grind jam, this is the answer.

Happy listening!

–Brett Owen is a Winnipeg dancer, choreographer and playlist maker

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