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217-07-editorial-meg-craneIt’s freezing. Everyone is tightening their purse strings after the pricey holiday season. The city is quiet and slow. It’s not really a time for celebrating, but… let’s celebrate love!

At OutWords, our love is pretty diverse. We know your love is diverse as well, so we kept that in mind when finalizing the line-up.

Some of us are in committed relationships of some sort, like André Lavergne and Kevin Roberts. They’re the couple behind Oxford Dogs, a skijoring company we profile on page 19. Those of us who have been in a committed relationship know it can sometimes be difficult to figure out when it’s time to let go and when you should fight to rekindle the love. We asked that question in our exploration of love on page 10.

Of course, there are a few of us at OutWords who will be picking up the self-love tips on page 9 because there’s no one at home to give us some lovin’. Or maybe the different kind of self-love tips on page 29 would be more useful? Regardless of whether you’re heading to bed alone or with a pal or two, you may be interested in checking out a new lingerie store to pick up a little something to do the chores in. See some of our fave numbers on page 22.

Whether you’ve got a parter in crime, snuggle-buddy or you’re flying solo, who doesn’t want more friends? On page 14, we explore how you can meet your next BFF, because love isn’t reserved just for those we take to bed.

This issue, we asked what you
think about PDA and a couple of our contributors sent in their opinions. We published two here and more on our website, where you can go to weigh
in on the “Hot Topic Debate.” This is a feature we’ll have every issue. Next time around, we’re taking a more serious tone and asking if sex work should be regulated. If you’ve got something to say about it, send your 250 words to me at

While all of us at OutWords are involved in different types of romantic relationships, we have one thing in common: our love for you, our faithful supporters and readers!

You’re helping us find fashionistas, like Anastasia Chipelski, whose closet we peeked in on page 26. You’re sending us out to learn more about groups and clubs in Winnipeg, such as Sunshine House, which you can read about on page 28.

Keep the suggestions for people to profile and stories to explore coming. Without you, we wouldn’t be doing what we do. And we love what we do, so we love you for the support!

Meg Crane is the editor of OutWords and the founding editor of Cockroach.

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