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218-07-hot-topicArticle by Danelle Granger

From a queer woman’s perspective, I wish I could say that PDA is great. There is no better feeling than kissing my partner in public and no one looking twice. Except, more times than not, people stare or look at me funny, and I can feel their judgment.

As a queer person, PDA sometimes isn’t an option. Anxiety and stress can overpower the desire to show affection toward a partner.

Since I can’t always safely, and in a judgment-free way, kiss my partner
in public, I’m overly aware of heteronormative and heteronormative-appearing couples doing it. And that bothers me.

I turn into a judgmental person who stares too long and wishes they would stop. I’m the oppressed pushing my oppressions and fears on other people. That isn’t okay either.

I think that when people are in love and happy, and want to display their love publicly, they should have the right to do so, judgment free. People who can openly show their love—free of oppressive judgment—shouldn’t be judged either.

Love is love, and to be able to stand by that statement, we, as a society, need to accept that in every form, including PDA.

Danelle Granger is an aspiring journalist with a passion for feminist and queer issues.

Article by Rikki Dubois

When I see a couple walking alone, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, whether they are eight years old or 80, and whether or not they are the same gender, I smile. I find it cute.

However,  I don’t think it’s polite for them to be doing that when there is someone else with them.

When I’m having coffee with a couple, I feel left out when they are nuzzling each other. I feel like the third wheel and that they would be happier if they were alone.

I think the same applies when they are with a group of people. Imagine being at a dinner party and everybody is having a good time, but in the corner, there is a couple that’s totally absorbed with each other. It makes me wonder why they are even at this party. We are here to socialize with each other and if they wanted to cuddle, they should have stayed home.

However, one thing I have no wish to see, whether the couple is alone or with other people, is full on, body-on-body face sucking and groping. If I wanted to see porn, I would watch it on the Internet. Be respectful of others, and get a private room.

Article by Rikki Dubois, a transgendered writer from Winnipeg. Her book Mu y was Flu y helps children understand what it means to be transgendered. Visit her Facebook page at  or check out her website at  

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