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218-26-in-the-closet-Katy_MacKinnonWhether she’s working as the managing editor of The Uniter, writing freelance articles, DJing or dancing in sequinned pants, Anastasia Chipelski embodies a certain artistic flair that’s memorable and distinctive. Her wardrobe is only the tip of the ice- berg when it comes to her self-expression.

A femme at heart, Chipelski’s style has experienced a gradual but significant evolution since she published her brave coming-out article in early 2014. These days Chipelski describes her style as tomboy-femme, though in the past she enjoyed bright, over-the-top dress.

“I was really encouraged by a lot of femme writers and femme bloggers about reclaiming aesthetic excess and not being too much or over-the-top, all the things you’re afraid of being,” she says.

Oversized, comfy clothing catches her eye, but Chipelski likes to add statement jewelry pieces. She tends to choose clothing by texture and prefers natural fibres, such as wool and cotton.

“I want to feel like I’m in my pyjamas and look really put together. So, clothes that feel like I could just roll over and take a nap in and I would be fine, but people think that it looks like an outfit.


SUIT JACKET – thrift store

“I love this suit jacket. It has a pin that Kara (Passey) made, and it’s 100 per cent wool and it’s DKNY, not that that matters. My mom thrifted it for me. It’s great because it’s got this kind of boxy silhouette. I put it over dresses, I put it over tights and a T-shirt, and then I automatically feel like a businessperson, or a business punk. It’s that kind of classic thing that takes an outfit up a notch.


LEOPARD JEANS – sale rack at Urban Outfitters

“These are my favourite jeans. I usually have a rule that if it doesn’t feel good on my body I get rid of it, but these are double leopard jeans. They’re leopard print and they have leopards on them. They’re stretchy, but they’re a little tight, and once I wear them for a while they fit. I love them because they’re kind of a neutral because they’re beige, but they’re also leopard, and they have little skull rivets on them.”


SHIRT DRESSES – thrifted and altered

“The things I love the most are the things that have a story—that I made, that are vintage, or that came from someone who made them. I made (the striped dress) at a workshop at Tara Davis Studio Boutique,” Chipelski says. “Melanie Wesley, who’s a local artist, helped me, and she taught me how to do this super fancy French cuff along the edges. This is kind of the epitome of how I describe my tomboy- femme style: it’s a man’s shirt, but now it’s a dress, and also it’s this super comfy thing, and it’s kind of fitted but not enough that it gets in my way.”


TUNIC – emk clothing

“(Erin Kembel of emk is) generally pretty body positive and she’ll do alterations to fit people. She uses pretty good fabrics, and the clothes last a while. I like it because I can wear it with leggings or jeans, and also because it goes really well with my super old necklace that I love. I got (the necklace) at Rainbow Trout and I’m always looking for what to wear it with. It’s this artist Corey Moranis and she makes the plastic herself.”


OWL SHIRT – emk clothing

“I just got it and I wore it all weekend, and it was really hard not to wear it again because it’s super soft and it has owls on it. I’m kind of a secret hippie/glamour hippie. It’s casual, but depending on how you wear everything else it can be dressy. I wore this with blue sequin pants to Salt-N-Pepa. It’s just really big and loose and flowy.”

Article and photos by Katy MacKinnon
Katy MacKinnon is the publisher behind the food blog My Dish is Bomb (

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