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218-22-lounging-in-lingerie-a1Like every year, winter came.

It was unavoidable, like a winter cold producing your typical snotty nose and pale skin. Not to mention, of course, the added pounds because our body desperately wants to hibernate like bears do, which I am totally all for. (I’d love to sleep all day and night!)

I know from experience that I don’t always feel my sexiest once the snow starts to fall–no, this isn’t a shame fest. Winter is when the best holidays are celebrated: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Louis Riel Day–and my birthday, which is in January. I count it as a month-long holiday, so it’s no surprise I like to indulge and pamper myself non-stop.

However, even with a few extra pounds, a runny nose and ghost-like skin, I want to feel sexy. In fact, I want to feel incredibly sexy while I do the most mundane things during the day. A ghoulish exterior should not stop me from feeling my best! It’s not about getting my hair or nails done—those are luxuries not all of us can afford or even want to do regularly. Furthermore, pampering is not the essence of feeling sexy. Sexiness is supposed to come from within or, in this case, underneath.

Many of us, myself included, think of lingerie as something worn to impress our significant other. We buy it to be seen in and wear it to drive our partner wild. But, just like walking, cleaning or fixing our house naked (well, I do), why not do these things while wearing lingerie? Lingerie should have a purpose that goes beyond the bedroom.

American burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese, says, “lLingerie is not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.” Womanhood is inherently sexy, yet embracing womanhood can feel like a game of Monopoly. For many of us—again, myself included—we’re bombarded by endless ideas of what being a woman means, without taking a step back to evaluate what being a woman means to us. Our own unique womanhood is of our making. Lingerie is obviously not a magical answer to this problem, but damn do people of all shapes and sizes look good in a push-up bra and ruffled shorts! I’d like to see myself appreciate this truth instead of wondering whether my partner will prefer a black bra and panty combo to a red one.

Whenever I wear lingerie, it’s always my secret, and it makes me feel mysterious. I’d love to one day wear a trench coat with lingerie underneath, like Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City (without the affair part). There is one issue I have with lingerie, though: it’s what and how to wear it effectively. I know a garter isn’t a headband, but if I am going to invest in lingerie, I want to know the ins and outs.

Photo by Daniel Crump


Valerie Steele, director and chief curator at The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, told Huffington Post last year, “Women wore corsets because it gave them a more youthful feminine figure, it was a sign of respectability and high social status. Women had a variety of reasons.”

Modern corsets don’t so much try to change your figure as they do try to enhance your figure. Corsets are used for fashion, medical and fetish purposes. A bustier serves a similar purpose. When slipped onto the waist (traditional corsets are tied up in the back), the bustier or corset lifts the chest while smoothing out the stomach and waist. Mrow.

Photo by Denise Prazinak

Garter Belt

One of my favourite pieces of lingerie, the garter belt, is an undergarment that holds up stockings and sits at the waistline. It’s notorious in movies and television shows (and yet I have never worn one). However, it’s also one of the sexiest pieces of lingerie I have ever seen as it helps cover your extremities while, at the same time, playing a game of peek-a-boo to onlookers.

Whether it’s worn high-waisted or below the belly button, the garter belt is essential to the lingerie family and comes in a variety of matrials, including lace, leather and nylon.

Photo by Daniel Crump


Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing immature about babydolls. See-through or crafted with a slit up the middle, a babydoll undergarment is sexy and mysterious.

There are many styles to the babydoll dress, including bowties and sheer frocks. Not only does it provide some privacy and enticement to the body, it also doesn’t forget to show some love to the chest area. Many babydolls are made with a push-up bra that hikes up the breasts while still leaving much to the imagination.

Bra and Panties

Staples for any lingerie fanatic. It’s perfectly fine to forgo everything else when you just want your lingerie experience to be simple but still exciting. There are many combinations and, of course, many styles to choose from. Honestly, you don’t even need to match.

Lingerie is an extension of your personality and it should reflect your tastes and eccentricities. It’s sexy! Leopard print and black—mrow! Red knickers and an electric green bra—Merry Christmas!

It’s about what makes you comfortable, whether it’s lace, leather or satin—or nothing at all. The body is what makes the lingerie.

As winter slinks away, indulge in lingerie that embodies your idea of sexiness. Lingerie is empowerment! It’s not scandalous, nor is it salacious to want to feel sexy—this is an outdated sentiment, which can go out with the trash.

Take it from Ms. Steele: “Lingerie is not just an erotic photo by Daniel Crump enticement to men—it can also have significance that varies from woman to woman and changes over time to the wearer herself.”


Rebecca Henderson is a Creative Communications graduate who enjoys red wine and tubby cats.

Daniel Crump is a Winnipeg photographer specializing in documentary and events. Find his work at

Lingerie for this shoot donated by Chanté Lingerie, located at 87 King Street in Winnipeg, MB.

Brett Taylor is a freelance dancer/theatre performer based out of Toronto.

Bonnie Welwood is a mother of three who dreams of getting into the food truck industry, incorporating Jamaican cuisine in her food. She’s all about the spice!

Katrine Deniset is a Franco-Manitoban writer, journalist and actress.

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