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Manitoba election: NDP promises minister for LGBT issues

The Manitoba NDP promises to appoint a minister for LGBT issues if re-elected on April 19.

Transcona NDP candidate Barb Burkowski made the promise at a meeting Pride Winnipeg hosted for candidates and community stakeholders on Monday night.

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Federal budget restores Court Challenges Program funding

LGBT groups were pleased to see that the federal government budget tabled March 22, 2016, granted a $12 million windfall to the Court Challenges Program, an independent agency that provides funding for minority groups to pursue equality challenges against provincial and federal governments.

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Why this gay man didn’t go to Rob Ford’s funeral

He confronted homophobia at a sex education protest and poked fun at Jesus during Easter, but a member of Toronto’s LGBT activist group the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is steering clear of Rob Ford’s funeral. “I’m sure if the Sisters showed up they’d be told to leave immediately,” says Kevin McDonald. “I’d happily go to a mayor who supported my community, but he did not. I have no reason to mourn him.”

Watch the full video at DailyXtra.

Trans Day of Visibility celebrates Alberta milestones

The annual Trans Day of Visibility marked a couple of recent milestones for Alberta’s transgender community as guests celebrated at the Jack Singer Concert Hall Thursday night.


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Same-sex Weddings Begin in Greenland Today!

Greenland’s same-sex marriage law went into effect today (April 1st).

The marriage bill, which is an adoption of Denmark’s matrimonial laws, was passed unanimously by both the Greenlandic Parliament and Danish Parliament.

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Federal judge voids Mississippi ban on same-sex couple adoptions

A federal judge in Mississippi ordered the state to drop its ban on adoptions by same-sex married couples, saying Wednesday that it doesn’t pass muster under the Supreme Court’s 2015 landmark marriage ruling.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

Lesbian reporter fired by prominent queer publication for being too old

When veteran reporter Karen Ocamb, 66, got the call asking her to come into the Frontiers Magazine‘s office while she was on vacation, she knew something was wrong. It didn’t take remarkable investigative skills to realize the financially struggling publication was going to let her go.


Read the full story at LGBTQNation

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