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Bright Light Bright Light
Love Part II

Bright Light x2 is Rod Thomas, a wondrous gay disco gift. He makes music that is equal parts danceable and tear-jerking. Always a winning combination, if you ask me. He has released two albums (and a duet EP with Elton John!), but his first single is still my favourite. “I’m in love again!” he proclaims. It almost sounds like he has taken himself by surprise. This one will make you believe that love is waiting for you again, too.

White Light

Sometimes songs naturally narrate the situation I find myself in. Then from that day on, that song will always take me back to that time and place. Picture this—you’re on the beach in Hawaii and the lyrics “I don’t mind if we never go home” come out of your portable speaker. “White Light” will always sound like Maui to me.

Is This Love

Governors are a boy/girl duo who haven’t posted anything on Instagram in more than a year, so “Is This Love” might be their only musical offering. It’s too bad because it is quite a tune. This one details a rela- tionship based on forced intimacy.

Great Good Fine OK
You’re The One For Me

The first time I heard a song by GGFOK, I wondered if they had read my musi- cal interests and tailor-made tunes for me. “You’re The One For Me” has it all—a smooth synthy hook, clever lyrics and (most importantly) a big soaring chorus. They’re the ones for me.

Young Galaxy
Pretty Boy

Another one of those songs that sounds upbeat until you pay attention to the lyr- ics, this song is for anyone who has been in a relationship that people around you didn’t understand. Abandoning all of your better judgment to be with someone be- cause they are beautiful to you. I’m getting a bit teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Jessie Ware
You & I (Forever)

For anyone who finds themselves sobbing uncontrollably whenever Adele comes on, give Jessie Ware a spin. She’s like Adele’s sophisticated older sister who has actu- ally figured out she is deserving of love. If you like the sound of that, also check out Ware’s “Wildest Moments.” Warning, it may kick you in the junk.


Last summer, one of my best friends got married, and I had almost convinced him to use this song as he and his new hus- band took their first steps together. It was their second choice in the end, which is actually great because that means I can walk out to it at my wedding.

Hold Me Down

You may recognize “Ghost,” the debut single by Halsey. “Hold Me Down” is one of the few hopeful moments on her debut album Badlands.

Loved By You

There’s just something about a song that rockets into a post-chorus chant after an already potent chorus. The simplicity of the lyrics is totally overshadowed by the fabulous melodies and the continuous toe-tapping drum loop.

Majical Cloudz

Devon Welsh has one of the most strik- ing voices in music. Deep and measured, some-times bordering on monotone. The new Majical Cloudz album Are You Alone? miraculously expands and improves on their sound. “Downtown” will definitely target your inner hopeless romantic.

Brett Owen is a Winnipeg dancer, choreographer and playlist maker.

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