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218-09-the-single-blues-the-importance-of-self-loveBeing loved is important. But as important as it is to be loved by someone else, it’s important that we love ourselves.

That can be hard. I’m with me all day, and you’re with you all day. We each intimately know all our own flaws. We might focus on them a little too much, even subconsciously. That could lead to pushing ourselves to head to the gym when our bodies would prefer to lounge on the couch after a particularly difficult day. It might translate to forcing ourselves to read an educational book instead of enjoying the latest rom-com or eat a salad for dinner instead of gorging on grilled cheeses.

Those can all be good life decisions, but if someone else were always pushing you to better yourself rather than supporting some unproductive downtime, how would you feel? Probably really shitty about yourself.

So, drop the textbooks, compost the salad and skip the gym from time to time to celebrate the indulgences that make you giddy.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to show myself how much I love me.

Binge watch, comfy and guilt-free

On a normal day, most people are hard on themselves for watching more than an hour of TV. On a self-love day, watching countless hours of Buffy is perfectly acceptable. Before hitting play, prep a cozy corner of the living room with extra blankets and pillows, snacks and drinks. If feelings of guilt arise from not being productive, kick them away and remember alone time with favourite on-screen characters is totally allowed.

Eat decadently

Even without a fat bank account, spoiling yourself with decadent meals and treats is a possibility. It just takes a little creativity and a lot of love. Take the time to make a favourite meal from scratch. You’ll appreciate your own effort and save on the bill. Dessert is never optional and always over the top. Head to De Luca’s if you’ve got the big bucks and Dollarama for cookies and icing if you don’t. Appetizers to enjoy while cooking are also mandatory as is the creation or purchase of some kind of fancy and delicious drink to enjoy in the bath tub after.

Massage away

Book a massage and shut off the phone for an hour or so to escape the world in bliss. Maybe even make it a full spa day! Money and people aren’t always needed for a massage, though. A hot bath and some lotion are all that’s really needed. Take a steamy bath (once you’re full from that fancy meal), then hop out and dedicate some time to consciously touching yourself. Not that way! Or, well, sure, maybe that way. Taking time to appreciate your own body and how good you can make it feel alone is undeniably satisfying.

Celebrate yourself

Couples get to throw parties: engagement parties, wedding parties, anniversary parties. What do single people get? Squat. Well, not anymore! Hold yourself
a party to celebrate your awesomeness, whether or not you’re single. Hang decorations, invite friends to eat food you love and do things you enjoy. Show yourself some love by asking your friends to show you some love.

These are just a few of the many, many things you could do to show yourself a little love, whether or not you are single. Is there anything you do for you that you’d like to share? Email and we’ll post it with the article online.

Meg Crane is the editor of OutWords and founding editor of Cockroach. Follow her on
Twitter @MegCrane.

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