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OutWords visited four of Winnipeg’s best dating spots to get advice from staff who see their fair share of dates. Here are a few tips that might serve you well.


Peter Hill, Albert Street Cocktail Company; Photo by Claire Paetkau

“If you choose to go to a restaurant or bar on a first date, go somewhere at least one of you already knows and loves—although it can be fun on a first date to share a new experience together, going somewhere you’re somewhat familiar with can make the situation more comfortable, while revealing a little bit more about yourself. This allows you both to focus on learning more about each other rather than Googling the difference between terrine and pâté.”
– Peter Hill, Albert Street Cocktail Company


Hannah G, ace art ; Photo by Claire Paetkau

“Successful dates involve fun, shared experiences. You find out stuff about each other by riffing on your environment. Contemporary art provides diving boards for your brain, soul and heart, and thus excellent ways to begin conversations. And, dear lovers everywhere, nowhere puts the art in heart quite like ace.”
– Hannah G, ace art


Tamara McKenzie, Vera Pizzaria; Photo by Claire Paetkau

“It doesn’t hurt to do a little research. Impress your date with knowledge about some of the Italian terms on the menu.’’
– Tamara McKenzie, Vera Pizzaria


André Morrisey, Stella’s Cafe; Photo by Claire Paetkau

“It’s true, servers can easily spot those coming in for a recovery breakfast after an epic night of fun. Don’t worry about how you look or smell. We’re more interested in imagining the novel-worthy night that led to this moment; brunch as an appreciation for a moment shared and a sign of hope for an extension of that magic into the daylight hours.”
– André Morrisey, Stella’s Café and Bakery


Eric Plamondon is a Winnipeg-based freelance writer.
Claire Paetkau is a human rights student and photographer in Winnipeg.

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