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217-09-the-gaylist-2For a work-themed playlist in a gay magazine, you’re probably expecting “Work Bitch” and the new Rihanna, but this is a little more creative than that. This is a playlist for you to put on during a long day at the office when you need a little extra motivation. Put these tunes on and the hours will fly by!

01 Ecco Vandal
End of Time

This song is the first one you listen to on Monday morning. It might feel like the week is going to last longer than this year’s Oscars ceremony, but the joyful chanting chorus will help you make it through.

02 Two Door Cinema Club
Something Good Can Work

You might recognize this one from a movie or two. This was their first single back in 2009. Watch out for new material from these guys later this year!

03 Fleur East

If you haven’t seen this woman perform yet, YouTube the X Factor performance of this song immediately. She does a backflip into her dancers’ arms off the judges table and onto the stage! It’s amazing. And this song has the word “boss” in it, so it fits here too.

04 Dirty Radio

I saw these guys at the Pyramid in December and they put on a fabulous show. I may have been influenced by their charismatic, handsome frontman, but their tunes had me dancing non-stop. “Numbers” is a song for all my accountants out there.

05 Escort
Actor Out of Work

Escort is a 17-piece disco orchestra from Brooklyn. This song, a St. Vincent cover, is one of the standouts. An ode to all of my performer friends reading this.

06 Paperwhit
Get Away

If you’re constantly dreaming about your next vacation, here’s a song to help you daydream at your desk. Perfect for gazing out the window and deciding what that cloud looks like.

07 Ronya
Work Harder

Finally, a motivational song for people who hate empowerment anthems. “I wanna make a mark / Can I follow through?” It’s refreshing to see self-doubt being conquered. This was one of my most played songs last year.

08 Troye Silvan

Oh, Troye. He’s a major label gay pop star who actually makes decent music. Did I mention he’s cute as all hell? Now that I’ve got your attention, go buy his album Blue Neighbourhood. You will not regret it.

09 Sofi De La Terre

I don’t have an office job, but if I did, this song would describe the state of my desk. Now it mostly just describes my room. And my dating life.

10 Carly Rae Jepsen
Run Away With Me

Poor Carly Rae. Most regard her as a one-hit wonder and assume her new album is terrible because of that embarrassingly bad “Really Really Really” song. These are fair assumptions, but the truth is she’s got an amazing ear for a great pop tune. Blast this on Friday afternoon.

–Brett Owen is a Winnipeg dancer, choreographer and playlist maker.


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