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Winnipeg poet Mona Moussa, an out and proud queer woman of colour, laughs at the irony of getting in the closet for OutWords. “I have way too much clothing and I’m always like, ‘I don’t know what to wear,’” says Moussa. She managed to pull together a few outfits to show off.

Moussa is frequently touring, performing her spoken word at venues across North America, and she says she likes to have her space in order so she returns home to stability. That includes her closet.

“My boss at work said the secret to happiness is falling in love with your closet,” Moussa says. “I guess there’s truth to that.” She’s lived in her Wolseley home since July, but has moved the closet around her attic space several times, trying to find the perfect crook in her third floor space for her clothes, accessories and shoes.

Because of her frequent travelling, she also likes to have basic clothes that are easy to take on the road and pair with other pieces, such as white shirts.

Her wardrobe isn’t just influenced by her notoriety; it’s also benefitting from it. The Escape Movement sponsored Moussa’s wardrobe and sends her clothes such as these tights, which she was thrilled to accept.

–Meg Crane is a freelance writer and founder of Cockroach. Follow her on Twitter @MegCrane.

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