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Photo by Meg Crane

Vivian Muska has been practising Reiki for about 17 years and has been a certified Reiki master for 13. She started as a way to focus her spirituality and has continued doing it because of the huge impact it can have on people’s lives.

Reiki is a Japanese practice that reduces stress, increases relaxation and promotes healing, according to the International Center for Reiki Training. The practitioner lays their hands on or near their client and transfers life force energy to them. It can benefit physical, mental and spiritual health.

Muska does Reiki for human beings and other animals, and she’s done a lot of good. She doesn’t give details about specific human clients out of respect for their privacy, but she says she once did Reiki on someone who was losing feeling in her hands because of a serious, longterm disease. After Muska’s treatment, the woman was able to feel her hands again for a few minutes.

She once did Reiki on a Cocker Spaniel who was so sick he could not move. Muska crawled into the backseat of a car where he lay in pain and did a treatment. During the Reiki session, she realized that he had been poisoned and urged his family to rush him to the vet. The dog died of old age years later, after being treated for lead poisoning that day.

Muska, who worked as a veterinary technician, never hesitates to send her clients for help from others. She thinks combining eastern and western medicine is sometimes the best approach, and has a handful of medical practitioners, including chiropractors, whom she refers her clients to.

Reiki is considered by many to be something for the upper and middle classes, and Muska doesn’t like that.
She wants healing to be attainable for people of all income brackets. That’s why she charges on a sliding scale. If you can afford $25 per half-hour session, she’s grateful. If that’s not in your budget, Muska is more than happy to work something out.

Photo by Meg Crane

While Muska will do treatments in her own home and in other’s homes,she won’t do treatments for people
who don’t believe in Reiki’s usefulness. Muska doesn’t care what other’s beliefs are and isn’t about to force hers on them, so she saves Reiki for those who do think it will truly help. And she says she herself is proof of that; Muska does treatments on herself.

While Muska has a deep passion for healing through Reiki, it’s not all she does. Muska has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and works as a freelance artist. She’s also considering going back to school for social work. She thanks her mentor, Dr. T, and her best friend Susan for supporting her in her journey to becoming the Reiki master that she is.

Muska said anyone interested in a Reiki treatment can email her at

–Meg Crane is a freelance journalist and founder of Cockroach. Follow her on Twitter @MegCrane.

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