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Whether you are in love or looking for love or love to travel, love in the end is all you need. Well, maybe.

When people are in love, they want to see the world, hold hands while walking the Champs-Élysées, sit side by side in front of the Taj Mahal.

People in love love to travel. I know the first time I fell in love, I dreamed of flying off to Europe to spend every day and every night with my new love, exploring all the sites and sounds. It never happened, but it was a nice dream. It wasn’t until I married the love of my life that we started exploring what the world has to offer.

Travelling the world with someone you are in love with, or family whom you love or even your best friend, is one of greatest experiences one can have.

When people fall in love and marry, it’s customary to fly off together for the honeymoon. Now the big rage is destination weddings where you gather a group of your loved ones and head somewhere exotic to get married on the beach. More and more couples are finding the ease of destination weddings more appealing.

Even better news is that many destinations and hotels are promoting gay destination weddings. Hard Rock Café in the Mayan Riviera is one of them. With the legalization of same-sex marriage in many countries, we are seeing this become a new and exciting trend around the world. We recently had our first gay destination wedding in the Mayan Riviera earlier this year when two lovely women got hitched on the beach in Mexico with their loved ones around them. These are new and exciting times for queer travel, and in the end love will conquer all.

Safe journey!

–Linda Robidoux Burndorfer is the owner of the first gay owned and operated travel agency in Winnipeg since 1994. Robidoux Burndorfer (the Queen of Travel) and her team specialize in all aspects of travel from corporate and business to personal and vacation travel. Wherever you plan to go, they’ve got you covered! Out’n About Travel would love to help you plan your next trip. Visit their website for more information or contact them at (204) 985-9200 to plan your travels today!

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