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Diversity quotas at University of Manitoba ‘a good plan,’ students say

Evan Wiens, an LGBT activist and political science major at the University of Winnipeg, agrees with Yellowback. Wiens did not have any openly gay teachers in school.


Read the full story at CBC.

NDP Daryl Reid not running for re-election

And another one bites the dust.

Daryl Reid, the province’s current speaker of the house and New Democrat MLA for Transcona for the past 26 years, is not running for re-election.


Read the full story at the Winnipeg Free Press.


Black Lives Matter to be honoured group at Toronto Pride

When Black Lives Matter Toronto found out that it had been selected to be the honoured group for Pride Toronto’s 2016 parade, the group had some initial hesitance.


Read the full story at DailyXtra.

Liberal support for LGBT Syrian refugees lacking, says NDP

The Liberal government is failing LGBT Syrian refugees seeking asylum and support in Canada, the opposition New Democrats allege.


Read the full story at DailyXtra.

Run with pride for a good cause 

Every Pride season, LGBT Torontonians take to the streets to raise money for charity and show off their athletic prowess.

Read the full story at DailyXtra.


Manny Pacquiao posts Bible verse that states gay people should be killed

Manny Pacquiao is not backing down from his stance against homosexuality.

Less than a day after the Filipino boxer and politician lost his sponsorship deal with Nike because he compared gay people to animals, Pacquiao took to Instagram early Thursday morning and posted some Bible verses that support his views.


Read the full story at the Los Angeles Times.

40 Religious Leaders Have Told The PM A Marriage Equality Vote Is A Terrible Idea

In an open letter, the 40 faith leaders said they feared a plebiscite could create division between faith communities and destabilise the place of religion in society.


Read the full story at BuzzFeed. 

Kentucky Wants Separate Marriage Forms for Gay Couples

Faced with the legal reality that they can’t stop same-sex couples from getting married, Kentucky lawmakers are now trying to create separate forms for gay and straight couples.


Read the full story at Advocate.


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