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Pride Winnipeg announces 2016 festival theme: Be Authentic

 Pride Winnipeg announced the 2016 festival’s theme — Be Authentic — on Thursday.

“It’s a message of empowerment in telling folks to be authentic, be them and not worry about social pressures that are trying to conform them into areas that’s just not them,” said Pride Winnipeg president Jonathan Niemczak. “We’ve gained a lot of rights over the years, but there’s still a lot of social stigma that we would like to bring some focus to.”

Read the full story at CBC.


Reverend Brent Hawkes charged with gross indecency

Brent Hawkes, the senior pastor at Metropolitan Community Church and a longtime leader of Toronto’s gay community, has been charged with an alleged sexual assault from four decades ago.


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Pickup artist cancels covert international meetup

Daryush Valizadeh, a pickup artist and writer behind the “neomasculinity” website Return of Kings, has cancelled worldwide meetups for his followers in the face of intense public backlash.

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Queer Syrian refugees lost in system once in Canada

The Canadian government is pledging to place Syrian refugees who identify as sexual or gender minorities in cities where they can access support. But immigration officials say they have no idea how many LGBT Syrians have arrived, and groups wanting to sponsor them are having trouble helping out.


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Boys wear dresses at school to protest Clovis Unified dress code

Buchanan High School senior Patrick Smart wore a dress for the first time last week.

His classmate, Emma Sledd, wore a collared men’s shirt to school.

“The reason we switched gender norms for the day was to make the statement that what we wear does not define us as students,” Sledd said. “Our district’s dress code should not favor or discriminate any gender.


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Russia: Court Rules Against LGBT Activist

(Moscow) – A Russian court on January 18, 2016, found a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights activist guilty of violating the country’s notorious “gay propaganda” law and issued a stiff fine. Russian prosecutors should support an appeal, which the activist, Sergei Alekseenko, plans to file in the coming days.

Read the full story at Human Rights Watch.

Dallas Official Touts Refusal to Marry Same-Sex Couples

A Dallas County justice of the peace has proudly described his refusal to marry same-sex couples in a post on his Facebook page.


Read the full story at Advocate.

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